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The Beast (short fiction, Primal)


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She was feeling restless. The nervous energy made her cigarette jitter between her fingertips as she paced back and forth trough the living room. She felt caged, confined. She knew this feeling. It used to upset her. These days it was just something she had to get through.

She stubbed out her half finished cigarette and turned toward the big glass windows leading to their deck and back yard. The day was darkening. A pale sliver of moon hung in a gray sky. She snorted contempt at the moon. The moon was irrelevant. Somehow it had become common knowledge that a full moon brought out the beast. Common knowledge, she reflected, was just a term for things everyone got wrong. The real culprit was just now forming on the horizon. Big, dark clouds of bruised purple were rolling in.

She felt the air pressing down on her. Her clothes were clinging uncomfortable to her skin. She could stand them no longer. Her fingers worked feverishly to undo all the buttons and zippers so she could get the fabrics off her. She made her way towards the doors, leaving a trail of garments behind her. She stood naked, with her hands pressed against the cold glass when the first flash lit up parts of the clouds. A low distant rumble filled the air. A soft, low growl formed at the back of her throat in reply.

She threw the doors open. The smell of wet dirt and ozone greeted her. She pulled the clip out of her hair, shaking it loose over her shoulders and took a step outside. She could feel every soft hair of her body stand on end. A cool breeze blew her hair out behind her, announcing the arrival of the rain. She turned her face up, welcoming the first heavy drops that cooled her heated skin.

Lighting flashed again, closer this time. The thunder roared over head. She roared back. All her senses felt heightened. She clenched her hands into fists repeatedly. There was energy in the air. She felt the power rushing through her body, charging her up. Soon it would have to find a release.

The rain was coming down heavier, drenching her. She welcomed it. The lights in the house flickered and went out. It didn’t matter. She didn’t need the extra light anymore. The lightning reflected in her eyes, making them look like they were were glowing.

Her ears prickled and felt like they turned towards the sound they picked up at the front door. She walked back into the living room, ignoring the wet footprints and puddles she left behind while the rain water rolled off her body. Every one of her muscles felt primed and ready for action. With easy, fluid movements she strode towards the noise. The front door opened and a familiar scent engulfed the room. She knew before she could see; her mate was home.

As soon as he pulled the door closed behind him and turned around, she launched herself at him. Lighting flashed again, suspending her mid air for a split second. The light filled up his eyes and revealed a grin that is partly a snarl. In that moment she knew he was feeling it, too.

She was still in the air when she felt his arms wrap around her waist and pull her even faster towards him. He easily absorbed the impact of their bodies colliding. His mouth found hers. Electricity ran between them in their kiss.

The rain had drenched him as much as her. She tore open his button-down shirt, not bothering with the individual buttons, and peeled the damp cotton away from his chest. The aroma of rain, earth and wet flesh was intoxicating. She breathed in deeply and sank her teeth into his shoulder.

He growled in her ear and moved his hands to her ass, the tips of his fingers digging in to her butt cheeks. She let out a surprised yelp as she got lifted up and thrown over the back of the couch to land among the cushions.

Lightning illuminated him as he stripped the remainders of his shirt off his arms and kicked off his pants. With two quick steps and a jump, he was suddenly on the couch, hovering over her on hands and knees. He still had that snarl-grin on his face. She returned the expression and dragged her nails down his chest towards his belly. He was the release she sought. She longed for it. And she could see he longed for it just as much.

He slipped one arm under the small of her back, lifting her, making her arch up so her groin pressed against his hard erection. She let out a groan as he nuzzled her neck, kissing and biting his way down over her breasts and belly. She gasped when his teeth sank into the soft sensitive flesh of her inner thigh. Then his lips found her mound and she felt his warm wet tongue press softly against her clitoris. She shoved her hips upward and clawed at his head. No foreplay. Not now. I can’t…When she got like this she could hardly stand the air on her skin. All her nerve endings seem to be on fire. The gentle stimulation was too much. He knew it would be. He snickered, keeping his head were it was. The soft sound vibrations drove her absolutely insane. She flew into a sitting position, pulling away from him. “Please, I can’t,” she panted.

He grabbed her hips with both hands and pulled her towards him, sliding her back into a lying position. She grabbed his shoulders and pulled him close on top of her, digging her nails in. He pushed hard inside her. She growled a loud “Yes!”. There was no room for soft. No need for gentle. They clawed and scratched, kissed and bit. Getting ever more frantic until her screams drowned out the thunder.

They were lying in each other’s arms, out of breath, pounding hearts slowly returning to a normal rhythm, when the lights flickered back on. The beast was sated, returning to the depths of her being where it would lay dormant. He leaned over to grab the pack of cigarettes. She cringed a little at the long red marks all over his back.

“I’m sorry.”

He smiled a wide smile and kissed her forehead. “Don’t be silly.”

He lit a cigarette, leaned back and took a deep drag. She lit her own, and watched her exhaled smoke drift towards the ceiling. He turned towards her with a loving gaze. “How was your day?”


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