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Bath time fun

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Running my bath water with oils and a bath bomb. Standing in front of the mirror staring at my reflection.
Slowly pushing down each strap my tank top gently brushing against my nipples. I turn around and pull down my shorts slightly bending over to see my shaved pussy, running my finger over my hole.
As I lay down in the water and rub my thighs together suddenly I get this urge. Sucking on two fingers until they are dripping with my saliva.
I start rubbing my clit in gentle circles gradually pushing down harder each time. Free hand rubbing my breasts and pinching my sensitive chocolate nipples. Pulling and twisting causing my body to shiver.
Moaning and whimpering while my head tilts backwards.
I speed up rubbing my clit and slide two fingers in my needy pussy going in and out non stop as I grab my nub and squeeze it causing me to shudder. Right as I’m in the brink of cumming all over my fingers I stop.
Daddy wouldn’t want me to cum alone now would he 😘😉
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