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Great barrier reef


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We come back from a swim snorkelling over the Great Barrier Reef iand want to jump in the shower to wash of the salt. You jump in first as I get undressed. Seeing how sexy you look with your head facing up in the water running down those amazing breasts, trickling over your nipples, Down your ass and Flowing over your pussy lips. I can’t help getting aroused

I jump in behind you pulling you by the hips into me as I start to kiss your neck. I slide your hands up against the wall then slide my right hand down between your legs as you open them slightly for me. I gently nibble your neck as my right hand tease your clit in my left hand caressing your tits

You feel my cock getting hard pressed up against your arse. You turn your head as we kiss passionately and then slide a finger into your pussy and then out rubbing your clit. My other hand playing with your nipples between my fingers.

I turn you around and kiss you gently as you put your arms around my neck. I slide my hand back down and open your legs a bit more an alternate between rubbing your clit and sliding my fingers in. I start to kiss down your neck then suck on your nipples squeezing them with my hands gently nibbling on them.

Carry on kissing down your belly as my fingers move in and out of your pussy and I drop to my knees

My tongue flickering over your clit as my fingers Curl Up to stimulate your G spot… Moving in and out as I suck on your clit

Pulling my fingers out I slide between your legs and slide my tongue into your pussy flicking my tongue inside you then coming back and pleasuring your clit

I come back up and kiss you passionately, turn off the shower and take you by the hand Leading you out of it. I turn You around and lift you onto the counter.. Kizz Down Your neck again as you lean back against the mirror. I tease your nipples with my tongue and gently nibble on your breasts as my fingers rub your clit again. I carry on going down then flicking my tongue over your clit again bringing you closer. I come back up pull you off and take it into the room.

I lay down on the bed with my head on the pillow as you straddle me.. I slide my arms between your legs pull you up and you put your hands up against the wall as you straddle my face. Controlling the pressure my tongue licks And suck your clit and flickers over your pussy lips as you gyrate against my mouth…

My hands sliding up and holding your breasts as you ride my face my tongue sliding deep inside you then flickering over your clit. As you feel you’re getting closer you move down and kiss me as I slowly guide my cock into your wet pussy. You push down onto me controlling the angle and the pressure as you move a bit faster

As you move up and down I gyrate my hips stimulating your gspot from side to side….

I lift my head and suck your nipples as you start to come down on my cock harder…..

I press on your shoulders, leaning you back as I watch that amazing body siliding up and down my cock… using my thumb I rub your clit as you move against me…. Lifting you up slightly I fuck you quick and hard and you rub your clit

As you rub your clit comming down onto me harder and faster, feeling yourself get closer I slide my hand up and squeeze your tits…. Moving my hips up and down meeting your movement fucking harder and faster as you climax….

My cock pulsating as I get closer…. Your fingers move faster rubbing your clit as you side on and gyrate against my hard cock…. Getting closer we both panting from enjoyment as our bodies find the perfect rythem fucking harder and faster…. My fingers teasing your nipples and your fingers teasing your clit

As you cum I shortly follow…. We kiss passionately as you slow down. Gently rocking back and forth as we catch our breath
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