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Abandoned cottage


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The “I” is who ever you want it to be in your fantasy….

we’re going on a walk through the wilderness, we come across an abandoned little house. Clearly a hunters cabin or something similar. Our Curiosity makes us go and check it out…

As we enter there is a single bed to the back of the cabin, a dresser with a large mirror and a metal stool, A bathroom with a shower and a toilet and a basin. Then to the rear a little kitchen. The lounge has a few Ropes and traps in one corner next to the fireplace and in the middle of the room a three seater sofa With a large tall back and large cushions.
The smell of fresh pine words through the house

The little cabin is pretty warm so we drop our bags and take off jackets so Im just in a T-shirt and shorts, whilst you’re in a short denim skirt and loose top… As you remove your jacket, I can’t help but notice the lace of your body suit outlining those perfectly shaped breasts and as you bend over, putting your coat on the floor, the thong comfortably nestled between those pert cheeks…. Uncontrollably, my cock begins to get hard….

As we get to the lounge I spin you around and put your hands on the dresser. Looking into the mirror, you watch my left hand slide round and firmly holding your right tit, my right hand pulls up the back of your skirt… using my foot, I press against your left foot, guiding it to move….

Widening your stance…. My left hand still caressing your breast, my right now sliding over your right ass cheek, slowly, barely touching it… I feel the warmth of your skin against the palm of my hand and curling my fingers slightly, only my finger tips barely touch you as I move my hand up again… Pulling my hand back, I smack your ass cheek and squeeze it as my foot now guides your right leg over…. Spreading your legs even more….

Gently pulling you up by your hair, I’m standing right behind you, you feel my cock getting harder as your ass is pressed up against it… I slide your top up and over your head….. and tell you to put your hands back on the table…looking at you in the mirror, admiring that amazing body…. Moving your hair to one side, I nibble on the back of Your neck. The smell of your perfume faintly lingering as I start to kiss down it…..

As I do, my right hand slides down the middle of your back, over your ass cheeks and my middle finger gently moving over your thong pressing on your now wet pussy….. I kiss down the middle of your back, as my finger moves back-and-forth slowly applying a bit more pressure and then raising, so it’s just touching your pussy lips over the lace…. Slowly dropping to my knees, I pull your arse back towards me, as I slide the thong to one side, my tongue flickers over your wet pussy lips as my hands Squeeze both your arse cheeks…. I move a bit further down, pulling you back into me as my tongue slides into your pussy…… whilst the thumb on my right hand gently gyrating against your clit…… you gyrating against my mouth, your breathing starts to get heavier And you gently moaning, enjoying your clit and pussy being pleasured at the same time…

glancing over at the ropes in the corner, I know exactly what I would like to do.

Moving my head to one side, I slap and grab your arse cheek as I slowly stand up…Whilst I take off my shirt I tell you to hold still and rolling it, creating a blindfold…. I tie it around your head, covering your eyes.

I lean in close to you, Feeling my breath on your neck and ear, I whisper for you to follow me… then lead you towards the bedroom. I guide you right up against the bedroom door, facing it, Telling you not to move… I go and pick up one of the ropes i saw And ask you to intertwine your fingers, then raise your hands above your head… Sliding the rope between your arms Then wrapping it around your wrists and tie a knot… I then throw the other end of the rope, over the door… Then secure it to the door handle on The other side…..

I kiss down your back as you pull on the rope, not knowing what to expect….

As I get down on my knees again, Pulling you by the hips, and sliding your thong to one side, your pussy lips are glistening from your juices and my tongue flickers over that Wet pussy and arse

As my tongue flickers over your arsehole I slide two fingers in your pussy turning my hand So I can curl my fingers To rub your G spot…

Move my head away I spank your arse with that plank whilst my fingers are inside you..

I move my head back in and flicking my tongue over that wet pussy sliding into your arse then pull away and spank you again

I can’t take it anymore and stand up pulling your hair back slowly and slide my cock inside you….

Pushing my cock deep and hard …..I start to fuck you…

I Slow down.. then fast and deep and then shallow. As I do, I slide my thumb into your arse.
I lean forward and turning your head, I spit in your mouth…. My cock fucking that pussy harder

I pull out and going Back down onto my knees I spit in your arsehole as my fingers fuck your pussy and then your arse. I slide my hand round your thigh and slide two fingers into your pussy as my other hand guide my cock into your arse.

As I gently fuck your ass my fingers fuck your pussy …
Alternating between rubbing your clit and fingering your pussy

Pulling your hair, my cock moves faster in your ass…. Fucking you harder… Your fingers moving faster and faster rubbing your clit and fingering your pussy

As I feel you getting closer, I fuck you harder and feel your hand moving faster…. I feel you tensing up so I pull out and pull your hand away……just before you cum…

I undo The ropes and grabbing you by the neck, kissing you passionately….I pull you back towards the lounge.

As we get to the lounge I spin you around and put your hands back on the dresser looking into the mirror I slide my cock into your pussy and start to fuck you really hard….

As I fuck you, I slide my thumb inside your arse your hands stretched up on the top of the dresser watching the mirror as I fuck you

I slide one hand up squeezing and caressing your tits, playing with your nipples between my fingers as my cock fucks that tight pussy of yours

Taking my finger out your arse and hold you by the hip as I pull you into me as I fuck you harder and deeper

I Lean forward grab your right hand and put it between your legs. You rub your clit as I fuck you harder and faster as you watch us in the mirror.

Your fingers rubbing faster and faster…

Pulling my cock out all the way so the head just teases is your pussy lips…Then all the way back in…

Fucking you harder and faster as you rub that clit of yours bring you closer to cuming…Pulling your head back by your hair I bite your neck and my cock moves harder and faster inside you. As I feel you get close to cumming, my hands grab your hips and pull you into me as my cock pounds your pussy.
Your fingers moving faster and faster as you get close to coming

Pulling your head back, We kiss and as I feel you getting really close your hands rubbing your clit, my cock pushing deep and fast inside that lovely pussy of yours

As I feel you close to climax I slide my thumb back inside your arse and pull on your hair, pulling you into me as a fuck you hard and deep and fast… you cum hard, legs shaking…. feeling you tremble pushes me over the edge…. As I cum I pull you into me… slowing down, shuddering from the sensitivity…..
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