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Conference Baby


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Baby insisted on coming on the work trip with Daddy.

I hate it when you leave me. This big house all by myself. I want to be there for Daddy. Who is going to cuddle me at night? Who is going to keep your nuts drained?

Fine... But.

Whatever you want daddy.

When we got to the Hotel, Baby was so excited. I'll go to the pool, while you have your first meeting.

No you won't. I put the do not disturb sign on the door and opened my bag.

Get on the bed on all 4s.

I binded her ankles.

I cuffed her hands behind her back.

I put a blind fold on her.

I unzipped my pants and fed her my cock. I rubbed my hard wet cock on her face.

Now you wait.

I put on her ball gag.

Anal plug.

Vibrating pussy toy.

Daddy will be back. I tapped my phone and the vibrator went on high for 10 seconds, then stopped. She moaned through the ball gag.

Every once in a while I would tap my phone. I knew baby was squirming.

45 min later I came back. As I was walking down the hall I turned the toy all the way up.

I walked in the find Baby squirming, hips grinding.

I took out her ball gag.

Daddy! Fuck. Please Daddy. I can't stop cumming. Daddy it's too much.

I uncuffed her hands and she went to pull it out.

Stop. Leave it in.

I rolled her over on her back, hung her head off the edge of the bed and fucked her mouth 

I turned the toy up to high again

She was cumming again with my cock in her mouth. Sucking hard on it.

I pulled it out and came all over her face while her body pulsed from the orgasm.

Thank you Daddy.

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