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Castle Play Conclusion

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I am so afraid, Daddy.

I wish you could take me away from here. 

The screams stopped. Foot steps...backing into the darkness I see a large black shadow coming towards me.

Turning to run, arms wrap around my waist, as I scream 
He lifted me off the floor and threw me over his shoulder.

This was not Daddy. 
I kicked and screamed


Your Daddy is very upset with you, little girl.

I kicked and squirmed more, trying to get free when my ass was slapped hard.

Legs pinned against a large chest, I just hung there and started crying.

We came to one of the empty rooms. As he set me down I looked up...he was the same man from the second room. The one with the black mask.

I was shaking and turned slowly to see St. Andrews Cross was in the middle of the room. There was a table with toys. He grabbed my wrists and hauled me over to it.

Strip except for your stockings and heels.

I hesitated and he shot me a look...his grey eyes sparkling. I hurried and put my clothing in a pile. 

He tied my wrists and legs to the cross. Going to the table, he picked up a set of chained nipple clamps, gag and blindfold.

Placing the gag in my mouth, I could see he was smiling through the mask. 

Next came the blindfold. The anticipation was making me wetter.

He pinched my nipple between his finger and thumb to make them even harder, licked it and blew then placed a clamp on.

I gasped through the gag. It felt different. A sensation I never had before. The heat continues to build in my lower portion. He does the same with the other one. He gave a little tug and a moan came from my lips.

You look beautiful

I could hear him pick up something....turn it on.
It begins to hum...oh no....i know that sound...Violet wand

He comes close to my ears and I feel the wand on my nipple. My breath catches.

You do not have permission to cum

He moves to my other nipple, tails down my torso...then he stops. I hear another set of footsteps. I can smell spice, mint, and...Daddy!

He does not speak. He cups my cheeks with both hands then Trails his fingers down my neck, over the sides of my breasts, across my torso, giving a tug on the chain.  I moan at the *** and pleasure sensation. His hand continued moving in between my thighs, his other moving back up to my breasts tugging the chain.

Such a naughty girl. You are so wet already.

He unties my gag.

Daddy, I'm so, so, so sorry for being such a bad girl

Shhhhh no speaking

He takes the wand from the other Dom and places it on my clit. I start to pant and bite my lower lip. My legs start to shake. Just as I thought I could not take any more, Daddy pulls the wand away. 

Daddy gives me a passionate kiss at the same time he places the wand back on my clit.

My whole body is trembling.

You will cum for me when i get to zero

He starts the count down and just as he says zero, he takes the chain and pulls hard, the clamps come off at the same time I scream. As I orgasm hard and long, tears streaming down my face, the wand was pulled away and turned off but it felt like it was still on my there.

I collapse with only the restraints holding me up. Daddy holds me up as the other Dom releases my restraints.
Daddy picks me up and holds me close.

You're my good girl. I hope you enjoyed your fantasy.

I did, Daddy. I love you.

I love you too ,baby girl. 


Ooof! Love that chapter, and the whole story. Adding Violet Wand to my shopping list after that. Thank you for a great read.

Amazing read and I'm very interested in u. Contact me and lets see if we can make it happen.
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