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Oriental Evening

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(In collaboration with TomSussex)

Moving all the furniture to the wall, I roll out the tatami mat. Lay it on the living room floor, bring out the futon and unfold it at the end of the mat.

I order oriental food from our favorite restaurant and it will arrive just before Daddy gets home.

Putting the message oil and toys on the floor next to the futon, I created a simple oriental Camelia flower arrangement.(the perfect love)

I look at the clock...two hours and Daddy will be home.

I hop in the shower, shave and dry my hair. I put my hair up in a bun and insert an Oriental hair ornament. I slip on my kimono and wrap the obi around and tie it off.

I look at the clock again...forty five minutes. There was a knock at the door. The food has arrived. I place the food on the tatami mat.

I kneel in front of the door and wait. When Daddy opened the door our eyes met, I dropped my eyes and slid into my humble kneel.

I could hear him put his bags down and take off his coat.

He came over to me, squatted down and rubbed my back.

'Get up baby girl'

I rose to my feet, eyes still down and led him to the bathroom for his shower. 

Turning the water on I feel his arms come around my waist. I gasp and froze.  He slowly kisses the back of my neck. He releases me. I turn, with eyes still down, and start to undress him.

'I can do this baby girl. Get the food ready.'

I nodded and left the bathroom.
That was close. I'm not sure I could have held back if I had to undress him. I had missed him so much when he was gone.

I was kneeling at the end of the tatami mat waiting for Daddy.

He came out of the bathroom dressed in the black kimono I left behind the door for him.

He sat down and I served him first.  He grabbed my wrist and pulled me down to him. As I kneeled next to him he tilted my head up and gave me a passionate kiss. It took my breath away. 

'Thank you for the wonderful food but that is not what I am craving at the moment.'

I stood up and took his hand, guiding him to the futon. He pulled me close and I could feel his length pushing against my stomach. 

'You are so beautiful, Baby girl. I've wanted you since I left this morning.'

Daddy pulled the Obi sash from my kimono and held it as he slipped the kimono off my shoulders so it slid to the floor in a silk shimmer.  

The cool air in the room suddenly caressing my naked skin making me shiver. 

He tied the Obi around one of my wrists then gently pushed me down to lie on the futon. Tying the rest to my other wrist, leaving my arms above my head attached to the ring in the floor.

I watched hungrily as Daddy did the same with his kimono, leaving him naked, the smell of the shower gel wafting off his warm body. His Obi was soon tying my ankles to each corner of the bottom of the ring in the floor, my legs held wide open. I shivered in anticipation.

He reached behind the futon for the silk blindfold. 

'No Daddy I want to see!'

'Hush little one' as the silk blocked my sight.

His breath hot against my neck, as his fingers traced from my neck down my body, touching, caressing, teasing, making my breath catch and my pussy throb. I swallowed and then gasped as he pinched a nipple and twisted it until I was about to cry out. But he stopped just short, like he always does.

Releasing my nipple, I felt his fingers trace over my belly to my pussy. I held still, quivering with need, as his fingers slid inside me so achingly slowly. I knew better than to grind up against him, like I so desperately wanted to.

His fingers were so deep inside, flexing and massaging until my hips couldn't help but move with him. Instantly his fingers withdrew. 

'No Daddy please!'

I knew it was the wrong thing to say as soon as I said it. 

'Sorry Daddy'

I tried to placate him, but it was too late. The sound of the flogger on my breast was almost drowned out by my scream.

As three more landed, Daddy built up a rhythm. The blows falling across my breast and belly, harder and harder as I gasped and winced.

'Pleasure and pain Baby girl?'

Daddy asked me, even through my pain I could tell he was smiling at me and I had to smile back.

'Ahhh yes please Daddy'

Gasping back, not knowing what he had in store for me.
The powerful humming of the wand and the jolt as it touched my pussy made me moan.


As the flogger continued to torment me the buzzing went straight to my core, my pussy spasming, on the verge of orgasm almost instantly.

'Please Daddy can I cum?'

'When I get to zero Baby'

Five harder blows from the flogger on my breast and nipple felt like fire.
Each blow harder, tears streaming down my face as I fought the orgasm that wanted to crush me and the pain from the blows.


His mouth sucked my sore nipple as I screamed and bucked on the wand. Relief from lasting to zero, mixed with pain and pleasure in a swirl of emotion. Releasing tension as the orgasm took me.

As I was coming out of the haze I felt the blindfold lift and my ties were released. Daddy gently pulls me over to cuddle againt him, his hot shaft still rigid. 

'Daddy I want to please you'

'Are you sure little one? I can wait'

'Yes, please now'

My pleading eyes met with a nod from him. I moved my leg over him so I could mount him, my liquid pussy easily taking him inside deep. 

It felt so good. Grinding on him, our eyes locked, smiles on our lips between kisses, gentle moans as the pleasure grew. Faster and faster

'Yes!' we said in unison 

Arms wrapped around each other, a blanket draped over us. The dark places in our heads at peace for now.

Very good writing and a great read keep up the great work

Thank you.☺️


I'm glad. Thank you. ☺️

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