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I wrote this inspired by a back and forth with a certain sexy someone who may see this.

A disarmingly attractive but alarmingly large man slowly walking towards you while you breath shallowly, unsure how much of what you are feeling is intimidation and trepidation, anticipation and exhilaration, or simply titillation; this confusion fading as you feel a rush of warmth and a bead of lubrication running down your inner thigh when he reaches out and touches your face, moving his enormous hand to cup the back of your neck as you back into the wall. He sees your cheeks flush as you part your lips, his thumb, now caressing your cheek, the side of your neck, and over your chin to rub your bottom lip - you’re surprised at how tender it is while feeling the strength in his arm and hand and knowing you are in his power and can’t turn back.

You look up at him pleadingly, and bring one of your palms away from the wall and wrap your hand around his forearm, which feels as secure and firm as a large tree branch, and bring his thumb into your mouth. His body now pressed against yours you feel his approval.

He lightly grabs the hair at the back of your head to guide your head back, exposing your neck, which he leans in and kisses, moving up to your ear lobe, which he gives a nibble, over to your cheek, and holds you and brings you in for a deep kiss.

He eventually spins you around and kisses your neck again before beginning to unto or unfasten your pants, slowly bringing them to the ground while you lean into the wall. He kisses your calf, first your right then your left, finds that trail your list has made and follows it up with his tongue before burying his face in you, holding your hands against the wall…

Looking for thoughts. How does this end?
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