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The Craving is Getting Stronger


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I’ve had a craving for a very long time now. The craving is getting stronger and stronger and I find myself fantasizing about it a lot.

So what is this craving of mine? Well, I am craving to have a woman laying in front of me. I’m on top of her, kissing her neck, shoulders and upper chest area. My hands holding her hands above her head and sliding down the sides of her arms. My lips and tongue dancing over her sweet skin as I find her incredible breasts and nipples. Taking her nipples into my mouth, sucking on them, nibbling on them. All the while I’m smiling and looking up at her beautiful figure enjoying me.

I move lower to her stomach and upper pelvis area. I move my body between her legs, not taking my lips off of her sexy body. My lips and tongue exploring her thighs and over to her inner thighs.

I start to suck on her inner thighs as I start to move closer to her beautiful lips; my hands grabbing and pulling on her hips.

I get closer and closer to her sexy lips. Teasing her with my tongue at the corner of her legs and lips. I start to kiss and suck around her mound: the heat between her legs is intense.

Finally when I can’t take the teasing anymore, I move in with a very slow lick, parting her lips and tasting her sweet sweet nectar - damn it tastes so good!!! 👅. I lock my lips onto hers as I start to lick a littler faster and harder. My eyes locked onto her, watching her body and the way she smiles and makes those sexy sounds.

I’ve been craving this for such a long time.
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