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Aftercare Advice??


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Hey some context I'm a transguy, I pass fairly well so I don't expierence dysphoria from it, I sub mostly, and I've been doing some NSA scenes with guys. 

My struggle at the moment is that I have bad subdrops afterwords and I'm not sure how to handle it.

I get super annoyed and flinchy to a dom trying to give physical aftercare or attention, I feel bad afterwards because I get wicked snippy, typically leaving quickly afterwards, and feel a strong sense of dysphoria and depression from a scene. 

How are some good aftercare things yall do if you dont like being touched afterwards, combat a subdrop and dysphoria from it ? Any advise would be great I'm brand new into BDSM and need some guidance. 


Love this!....& the reason I love this is because I am exactly the same & yet I always think I’m the only one who is like this! I always just put it down to the fact that I’m reality I’m annoyingly independent & can’t be doing with being faffed with & also I prefer dealing with any kind of stuff my own way so would rather deal with subdrop alone. 
So I’ve dealt with it the unconventional way which is to get straight back into play within a day or 2 to combat the drop however that’s not really advisable nor does it help longterm. Lots of masturbating & self loving. Any activities that push adrenaline up again a little.
The other way is to simply look after yourself until it passes, hang out with friends, eat sweet & unhealthy food, do something you love or is comforting to you & just generally be kind to yourself. @Lilmonster has a bag made up with things in that help like chocolate, a good film etc so her things are to hand.

sadly subdrop is a natural thing so you can’t stop it but just remember you’re not alone, it’s always temporary & most of us experience it & if you turn it around as a positive then you know that you’ve had a wonderful play session to leave you feeling so rubbish. 😊


I'm not trans but have experienced BAD subdrop. I felt like I was going insane and so depressed but if you have clear communication and a strong connection to your dom it can lessen. I personally like the cuddles and talking afterwards but of course there are hot baths and music and munchies too!

I would suggest good music,food and talking to the people in your life who have a positive impact(friends,family,etc). If you don't feel like meeting them,even texting or a call would be all that's needed to start the recovery from subdrop. Something like walking,dancing or sports can also help.In food i would suggest something sweet to raise your sugar levels.

So basically,you should raise your dopamine levels and relax.Hope this helps

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