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CNC warning, it’s a fictional scenario between two people, hope you all enjoy 😊


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You feel hands and coldness around the back of your head, a shushing sound echoes. Just moments later the cold bulb enters you as though it belongs, your neck strains but the bulb pulls. There’s an underlying problem that you ignore because he is not your Dom but you yearn for the submission to be controlled. He tests the knots he made from your hair as you find your position. The position you’re being ***d in to, burning sensations are dripping on your flesh as he stands before you with a candle. The scent of sandalwood and mint cascading down and burning you shoots hot and cold thrills through your nerves. You can barely breathe but mutter “More”

Each drip makes you convulse more, drip by drip, the other world escaping as you continue to let go. A sharp sting across your face, the taste of leather being in your mouth as you feel another sting from the left, “Taste it” the master sighs as he watches you tongue the whip. You bite down expecting a subtle kiss or bit but he rips that toy from your mouth. Flailing your tits with no abandon until you moan so loud that everyone can hear. But no one does, you remember your words and ask to stop. You forget that you aren’t allowed to ask

He watches as you squirm and writhe, your head bobbing, trying to break the hold that keeps your ass in place. You feel a vibration on your throat as you dangle in front of him, slowly it tugs down as you scream. Down and down, you realize you’re suspended and try to jerk it away in another attempt. Failure. He won’t let you be disobedient and slams the wand deep inside your pussy, your juices oozing out as you’re being ***d close to the start. And then silence. You retch and yearn for something that will only come when allowed
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