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chainmail ***r question


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 Hello i have a question concerning a ***r chainmail necklace I've made for my girlfriend.   I'm still new to the Bdsm world, she's more experienced.   I'm a dominant while she's a submissive.   The necklace ive added an inch loop on the end as a pendant,  i think it looks very stylish and beautiful).  However I don't want to come across as saying she is my slave, don't have that kind of relationship.   I was curious if necklaces that had large rings only meant for slave collars.  Mine i was hoping for something meaningful,  almost a dom sub collar informal ceremony just no slave annotation.



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collars generally signify ownership, a bond, a relationship - not necessarily slavery.  If you were at a vanilla event people would think "hey, nice collar" or if at somewhere fetish/kink then people would assume it signified that she was yours, but that's about it.

I'm definitely not a slave and I love the idea of a collar. It's more of a symbol of relationship and I wouldn't even say ownership because that kind of makes me think slave, but that I am taken. That I have given myself to someone... But talk about this with her and find out her view on it... We are all different.

People often get confused about jewellery so i wouldn't worry about it.

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