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Waiting for master


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You lie there naked, blindfold on. Arms cuffed to the top of the bed. Legs tied to the bottom corners. Just how you were instructed to do.
You can’t see a thing but hear the door open. Footsteps approach. You try to work out where they are going. Suddenly a hand begins to caress your left breast. Nipple gently pulled. A mouth sucks your other nipple.
A hand slides over your pussy gently rubbing you making you wet. The fingers slide all over pussy until they find your clit. They rub hard making you moan. You feel yourself starting to cum. You try to hold back as you haven’t been given permission to cum.
The mouth & hand leave your breasts as you try harder not to cum. You try but the fingers know how to make you cum. You breath out. You want to beg to cum but the instructions said you were not allowed to talk. You keep following the instructions but you have to give in and cum.
As you start you suddenly feel the flogger land across your breasts & the hand comes away from your clit.
The *** stops you Cumming but the need is still there.

“You will have to be punished for Cumming without permission.”
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