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I've got a new daddy


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Hi recently i met a new daddy on a dating page. The first time we met he came to me, I was dressed as a pretty sissy for him as soon as he got in the door he had his sissy on her knees sucking his massive cock it was the biggest I've sucked. As he knew what I liked before he came he was prepared, things got very messy after he bareback me, he made sure I cleaned up after he pulled out of me, I loved every minute. He had me over his knee spanking me and fingering me. Wasn't long before he made me lay down with mouth open, as he squated over me he said be a good girl, I was so turned on I want for it, my mouth was full as he slipped his cock in. He watched as I covered myself from head to toe. He then tied me to my bed and slipped his cock in to the balls I was loving it. He fucked me till he cum. Then madee sit on my potty while I sucked his cock. When he cum I had to swallow I couldn't help it. Since that day we have had some great fun. He loves changing my diaper and loves watching me suck my dummy. We have met three times since and every time is better than the last. Hope you enjoy reading this.

Katie xx

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