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**TW** The end of innocence

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**Trigger Warning** Reason - Rape Play


Taking you into the woods dressed up as little red riding whore I've been so obsessed with you for so long now this fucking uncontrollable rage that seeps through my veins, when lust and desire and the need to consume take over .you look so beautiful the way the moon light reflects your silhouette, enchanted eyes that pierce into the splendor of the night sky with flowing locks of soft auburn hair that glides and dances with the wind and eyes as deep as the ocean, a little red dress that shines so brightly, your innocence and purity my lust obsession desire and rage, I am your hope and despair this endless dream that haunts my every waking moment, I'm chasing you naked through the forest blind rage consumes me.
Your red dress getting caught on bushes ripping in tatters your skin cut and blistered from the tree branches, your feet are bloody and swollen, I'm chasing you naked in this cold empty place nothing is slowing me down the drive to get to you is like a beating drum driving me crazy, the closer I get the louder the drumming becomes in my head.
Until that moment of pure terror and deafening silence the beating heart pounding out of my chest, when I finally catch up to you following the trail of torn clothing you leave behind, I can hear your sluggish steps, mud-soaked feet, you are tired exhausted, you just want to collapse but you keep running, rage takes over me and I start howling like a wolf, increasing my speed weaving through the thick shrubs my body bleeding cuts all over, adrenaline keeping my blood pumping coursing through me like ice my body morphing into a frozen wasteland and I scream out In the night sky I'm going to fucking rape you do you hear me!!! I'm going fucking rape you!!!!! I'm not going to stop until your crawling away my spent cock pressed into your cunt my cum leaking out of you I want to lick the fear off your face turning you into my broken little brain-dead doll eyes rolled back tongue out panting and heaving broken crumpled body trying to crawl away from me.

The end of innocence.

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