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When we first met


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We meet as planned in the bar of the hotel where I have booked a suite. My first impression of you is determined by your tasteful clothing, which also emphasizes your assets.
You certainly don't have a bad hair day today.

It is not to be recognized whether you have complied with my wishes for suspenders, stockings and the renunciation of a bra. After a friendly but still rather vague greeting, I test at least the latter with a rather strong grip on the appropriate place. Your facial expression is distorted, but you save yourself a remark and I now know that you have complied with my request.

Over a Prosecco we exchange a few words and slowly warm up. I tell you my rough plan for the evening, which you agree to. If you had already learned all the details here, it might have gone differently.

Our first way leads to the suite, because my well-filled bag with ropes and toys wants to be stowed before we go out again. And you are also happy to find a place for your bag.

My rough plan is to go out together. Unfortunately, the explanation of the details does not meet with your full approval. Well, it's only the first date. Unfortunately, I can implement only half of my ideas.

At least you agreed to the butt plug, the shackles around your upper body and the nipple clamps that you can wear under your clothes without attracting attention. You have catgorically rejected the dildo slip and the ball gag under a corona mask, as well as the hands tied behind your back, which should be hidden by a mantl.

Too bad, but we are only at the beginning and one should be happy about every progress.

You take off your blouse and I admire your naked breasts. My hands grab compulsively and massage something without leaving out the nipples. You visibly enjoy it. I take a rope from my bag. Also plug and lubricant and give you both.
While you are busy inserting the plug yourself, I put the rope around your torso and bring your bust a little in shape. Together with the clamps this looks very good, even if you looked a bit pinched when putting on the clamps.

You put your blouse back on and we leave the hotel through the lobby. You don't let yourself notice anything.

[to be continued]

I can’t wait to read part 2
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