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Fun with my Master...

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My pussy aches for your touch Master. I beg for you to slide a hand up my shorts to fondle my warm, juicy clit. You make small circles with one finger. You slide your other hand under my shirt and grope my breast. I moan as you press harder against my clit. "Who's pussy is this?" you ask. "She's all yours Master." I reply. You move your finger faster and harder. Then you slide two fingers in me and grope my other breast. You slide them in and out slowly at first. "Oh Yes....Master..." Then you slide them in as far as you can and press your thumb against my clit. I beg for more Master... "Please Master." You take my clothes off. You start by kissing and then nibbling on my neck. "Please Master...bite me." I beg. You grind yourself up against me and bite me. I moan because I enjoy the pleasurable pain. You continue licking and sucking your way down to my breasts. You grasp my throat and whisper, "Who's pussy is this?" I reply "She's all yours Master." You slap your hand up against her. You exclaim, "Damn right she's mine, pet!" You lick and suck on my clit. You put your tongue deep inside me until I moan for you, "More...more...more Master please." I've been watching your cock grow harder and harder in your pants. You finally pull him out. "Oh thank you Master." I say. I ask, "May I lick him Master?" You say "Yes pet." I ask, "May I suck on him Master? PLEASE Master." You reply, "Yes you may pet." I happily reply, "Thank you Master." I happily lick him from tip to base and back again. I slide him in my mouth. Mmmmm hmmmmm...As I slide him further in, I open my mouth so I can lick your balls too. Mmmmmm...I tell myself, "You taste so good Master. I love how taste Master." You place your hand on my head. "Are you a really good pet?" I reply by deep throating you and licking your balls again. Mmmmm...You ask me to stop so you can tease me with the tip of your cock. You then slap him against my clit. And again and again and again. I begin to squirt cause it feels sooooo good.
"Does it please you Master when I squirt?" I ask. You reply, "You are MY Pet." I cheerfully say, "Thank you Master." You slide and slam your cock in me going balls deep. It takes my breath away. I do enjoy it. You grasp my hips and keep going. The squeezing on my hips tells me I AM YOUR PET. You slow your pace but keep going hard in me. I enthusiastically say, "Oh yes Master."
"Please Master...choke me. I beg of you." You grasp my throat and gently squeeze. You remind me, "I am your Master. You are MY pet. I'll fuck you long, slow, hard and fast. You are MINE." Mmmm (gentle growl) "Oh yes Master. Thank you Master."
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