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Fifty Ways to Leave your Submissive

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We start with the hangman’s 

noose. The sudden drop 

that makes it hard to breathe.

A crowd watching as you flail.

The death of the dynamic

that leaves only ghosts, silent

on your phone. In your heart.


That’s preferable to being slain

by a tiny thousand cuts. Cut off

in the middle of a conversation.

Disappearing on a Tuesday that

bleeds into Wednesday before

a gasp of air on Thursday. They’ll

let you inhale before choking you

For an endless weekend.


Or perhaps they’ll leave without

leaving. Short replies, no text

good morning. The conversation,

that flowed and danced, stutters.

You try desperately to push the 

wheels uphill, but you know, 

there is no rush of downward

on the other side. 


Sometimes, rare times, they’ll

tell you. I need a break. This

just isn’t right. It’s not you, it’s

me. A handshake and a kiss

on the cheek.  A promise to 

be friends before they glide

out of your life. The door closes.

You sit and watch it like a lost puppy

Hoping its master will still 

come home.

I always prefer my poetry to have structure, but I found this really rather effective. Genuinely made me sad for you. Nice work.
21 minutes ago, Thermistocles said:

I always prefer my poetry to have structure, but I found this really rather effective. Genuinely made me sad for you. Nice work.

I prefer free verse because I like the ebb and flow, and there are more opportunities for effective enjambment.


yes have felt that, and it's a shit way to treat someone. End it properly and don't lie.
I feel this in my bones. Thank you for sharing.
Beautifully expressive and emotive writing. A privilege thanks.
Posted (edited)

This is sooo heart wrenching! 

Im currently stuck between leaving without leaving and need a break (not from me per say but in general) 

I get reactions to texts, but no words. Other times it’s very short responses, but I’m always initiating a question or something to engage him. However, when he’s there, it’s like we are perfect! He’s back to calling me his good girl and everything is normal, until he pulls back again. 

When I express my panic for abandonment, he seems to get mad at me. I’ve told him to just tell me if things change for him.  I’ve asked multiple times if we are ok and he always says yes. Yet I can’t shake this feeling that he’s keeping something from me. 

I know I should call for a pause and ask for discussion but I don’t want to stress him out even more and push him further away. 

And then i see him logged online when he’s barely responding to me. 

I know what I should do but my heart won’t allow me to say the words! 

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I was unsure about what you should do, until the last paragraph. I’ve just come out of a virtually identical relationship. I tried so hard to keep up the conversation, solve whatever issues I could find... but kept getting the brief, if any replies... and then I discovered her fully engaged in an anonymous chat with strangers , I presume ...when she couldn’t give me more than an emoji, or a single word. So I confronted her with that ... just silence. I knew it was over, and she’d just been stringing me along. Why? No idea ... but it really doesn’t matter, does it? Yes, you know what you should do, so trust me ... get on and do it. I was better than what she did to me ... and I believe you are too 🤗

This was heart wrenching. ***ful. Your poetry always touches me in someway. Beautifully written. 

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