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The Long Awaited Night In


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Tonight’s the night. I’m super nervous, but I know her. She thinks I’m cute, so it’ll be fine. Goddess picked out the perfect movie for us, one I haven’t seen (of course I haven’t seen it). Then there’s the drive. Not horrible, but as I normally do I drive white knuckled, praying in my head that nobody hits me. Then, as my car pulls into her driveway my anxiety really starts to swirl.

I ring the doorbell and wait what feels like an agonizing minute and a half, till the door opens.

“Well hello, sweetness. So glad you could make it for our movie night.” She hugs me and gives me a kiss softer than I’d ever felt. I almost fumble over my words but I manage to get something out. “You have no idea”, I say, face flush with red. I put down my bag that I packed for the night and walk into our little spot for the evening. On her couch were pillows, blankets and in front some snacks and drinks ready on the table. The scents of candles really bring me back down to a comfortable level, and I start to release a little tension.

“You ready?” She gestures, plopping down on the couch and spreading her legs for my spot to cuddle up into. I nod eagerly with that dumb smile she loves and get cozied up so easily. She wraps the blankets around both of us and start to watch our movie.

About halfway through, she pauses it and looks at me lovingly. “How you feeling, baby? Enjoying the movie?” I nod. “Yes, goddess. Thank you for having me over, it’s all I could think about.” She giggles sweetly and kisses me again. “Good. However I want to give you something else to think about. Just stay relaxed, okay sweet boy?” She slowly uncovers my blanket and starts to slide my sweatpants down. Without hesitation I assist her, immediately aroused. “Good boy, just how I want you.”

She grasps my throbbing cock from behind me and starts slowly stroking. By then all normal thoughts leave my mind and all I’m left with is the reverberating echoes of her voice bouncing from ear to ear. I gasp and give off little moans, much to her delight of course. “You’ve been needing this, huh? Such a good boy.” I nod slightly, completely melting at her touch. Goddess speeds up and increases her grip, provoking louder moans from my mouth. I forgot all about our movie, all that matters to me right now is goddess and I. She covers my mouth but lets her boy make all the cute noises he wants.

By now I’m squirming in ecstasy, only to be met with giggles and sweet sounds from her. “Does my sweet boy want to cum for me?” In between moans I can only answer, “Yes, yes, yes!! Please let me cum!” She fully covers my mouth and begins to stroke as fast as she can, egging me on to explode. “You deserve this, baby boy. Come for me.” My legs lock up and shake as I shoot out four thick ropes that cover her hand and parts of my chest. She gives me a taste and then tries it herself, obviously proud. “Fuck, you’re panting so much baby. Good job, I’m proud of you.” All I can do is mumble sweet noises and blush a deep red. She cleans us up, and we get back into a good spooning position. We watch the rest of the movie, and I eventually fall asleep. “Get some rest sweet thing, be ready for tomorrow morning.”

The End
Thanks for the love guys 😅 I’m not a writer by any means but I came up with this on the fly
3 hours ago, BreezyDay said:
U got off too easy. U could use a Chasity cage


Your Goddess knew You needed that to release the rest of your anxiety that built up in your body from the anticipation of the date. She just wanted you to feel good and relaxed, this was so sweet in my opinion.

Granted, my Dom does this to me so I guess I might be biased❤️
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