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A Dom and His Cougar.


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He’s a long term fwb, and he came over as he does a few times each week. I direct him to my bedroom as I finish a task. When I enter my room, he’s laying in my bed arms behind his head. Comfortable, relaxed. He’s wearing his Adidas athletic pants… they make me drool. I can see the outline of his cock. I’m wearing a crotchless fishnet body suit with thigh highs. I lay on the bed and we chit chat about our days since we’ve seen each other last… catching up on recent updates from the last couple days. We begin kissing, his tongue gently probing my mouth. His hands on my hips caressing my body. He puts his hand near my pussy and I push it away… just days ago I was completely submissive to him in every aspect… he has no idea what to expect when he comes over… whatever my mood may be that day is how I play in bed, and he thankfully cherishes it.

He attempts to reach for my pussy… This time more ***fully. I push him away once again. I lay in bed, legs crossed, ankles tightly locked. I’m smirking, and giggling… he has a mint in his hand… he tells me to open my mouth. I clench it shut as he brings it closer to my mouth. He loves when I give him sloppy blow jobs… like spit dripping down my face, his balls, and taint… pooling… making a wet spot under him kind of sloppy… these mints make my mouth uncontrollably water in the best way. It’s one of our favorite bedroom enhancers. He tells me, “Don’t you want to be a good girl for Daddy? Open your mouth.” I smile at him, rub his arms, continuing to clench my mouth. He continues to try and coax me to open my mouth gently stroking my face, my breasts, teasing my nipples… I push his hands away before the stimulation becomes too much to hide…

He’s kneeling on one knee, and the other knee at a 90° next to me. He puts the mint down on the night stand. “You don’t want to be a good girl? Bad girls get spankings.” Before I am able to comprehend what is happening, he has me flipped over on my belly, straddles my thighs and his open hand comes down hard enough on my right ass cheek to get my attention. He suprised me, and I inadvertently let out a tiny moan. His hand slaps my left cheek, followed by a gentle rub, my right, my left, my right over and over making my ass red. With each smack, I squirt. I’m laying in a puddle. He leans down to speak into my ear, “Are you ready to be a good girl yet?” My ass is stinging. He places the mint near my mouth and I turn my head the opposite direction. He sets the mint down again, and his hand comes down fast and hard on my right ass cheek making me scream out from the sudden ***. He raises his hand again, and I quickly tell him “Okay, Daddy, okay!” He leans down to look me in the eyes. I open my mouth as he gently places the mint on my tongue, and then kisses me. “There’s my good girl.”

He lays back in bed shirtless with his pants still on. I crawl between his legs, rub his chest with both hands, tracing words, and symbols on his skin ever so gently, work my way down and rub his cock from the outside of his pants. Tracing it up and down with my fingertip, then the palm of my hand. I rub my face on his cock, tracing the outline with my mouth. I begin pulling his pants down. He lifts his hips for me… his cock pops out like it’s on hydraulics. The saliva has been building in my mouth. I open my mouth and let my spit spill out on his balls while I maintain eye contact with him. I take the right one in my mouth, sucking, rolling my tongue all around, gently tugging making him let out a sigh. I do the same with the left, gently tugging, licking, sucking. I gently pull both of his balls up allowing me to lick, and suck on his taint while maintaining tension on his balls. He’s breathing heavy, his cock is as hard as a rock. I sit up slightly and rub my wet lips on the head of his cock. Slowly take it into my mouth. Twirling my tongue on his head making him squirm. He takes one hand and places it on my chin, and the other on the top of my head and begins guiding my head to take most of his cock. “Show Daddy how much cock you can take.” I move my head down and attempt to take all of him without success. I try again… this position is not conducive for taking his size… I finally am able to get his cock down my throat. I hold it there and attempt to swallow over and over for him.

My eyes are watering, my eyeliner is running down my face. He takes his finger and gently wipes away a tear off my cheek. His mixture of absolute sweetness and firm control makes me want to please him in any and every way possible. I’m choking, sputtering. Deep in my throat again, and again, and again. He’s cooing at me as he’s guiding my head on his cock, blocking my airway. “My good girl taking all that cock,” “I’m so proud of you.” “You’re so fucking hot” My face is wet with tears, spit is dripping down my chin onto my neck and on my tits. I put my mouth on his thick head, and both hands around his cock. I grip his cock with both hands and begin turning each hand in opposite directions on his soaked cock as I move my head up and down sucking on the tip, and twirling my tongue on his frenulum. He arches his back, and moans as I’m working his cock. He pulls me off and tells me to turn around and ride his face.

I turn around, straddle his chest, and he gently guides my hips to where he wants me. I put his cock back in my mouth as he starts working my clit with his tongue. Im already squirting, he takes as much as he can before he gently moves my hips up to take a breath. He’s back sucking… licking. I’m grinding my clit on his mouth, squirting again, and again and again… he continues to work my pussy as i’m nearly drowning, and suffocating him. I’m no good at 69. It feels so good, I’m really just drooling over his cock while he’s rocking my world at this point. He’s grabbing my thighs so tightly as he’s being deprived of air, numerous large bruises are revealed the following day.

My legs and arms are shaking, I gingerly crawl off of him with my shaky Bambi legs as he’s grabbing me trying to pull me back on his face. I’m on all fours with his legs underneath me… I turn my top half around and tell him, “fuck me, Daddy.” In which he obliges… he fucks me from behind… a favorite of ours… mainly because I cannot orgasm in this position. I have learned that I absolutely love identifying as a toy/doll… making him cum while I get nothing out of it, him just using my body makes me absolutely 🥵🥵🥵. I have a mirror placed on the wall next to my bed… I look into it, watching him pound my pussy from the back, my back arching, me pulling away as his cock is slamming into my cervix… him pulling my hips back to fuck me harder, and finally his face contorting as he explodes. We stay with him inside me for a moment… he slowly pulls out. I get a washcloth warm with water and bring it to him in bed as I did not just soak his face, and beard, but his hair, neck, and chest as well. ☺️

He lays back, arm open, awaiting me to get into position. I snuggle up next to him, lay my head on his chest, he covers us with a warm blanket, my hand in his hand. I still feel a small ache of not finishing with an orgasm. He begins rubbing my back, shoulders, and running his hands through my hair with his other. He kisses my forehead numerous times making me all warm and fuzzy inside. I promptly fall asleep.

I wake up to him rubbing my ass, my tits, kissing my neck, my mouth, his tongue is in my mouth exploring… I’m not all the way awake yet. He is everywhere at once. Rubbing my clit, pinching my nipples, sucking on my neck… he gets up on his knees and spreads my legs, I’m like a rag doll… I let him do whatever he wants as the sleep is leaving my eyes. I tell him I want him to tie me up this round… he grabs nearby rope that was laid out. He effortlessly binds my hands together, removes a canvas ***ting from above my bed which reveals a ring anchor that he knows is hiding… he pulls the rope through as my arms rise in the air.

He climbs up, straddles my chest and shoves his cock in my mouth. He’s fucking my throat, while he reaches back and rubs my clit. I’m squirting all over his hand… he pulls out of my mouth. Grabs a gag ball, places it gently in my mouth and ties it tightly behind my head. He spreads my legs once more. Toys with me. Rubs his head all over my clit, pushes his head in and out, in and out… back to the clit. I’m drenching the bed with anticipation. He finally pushes his cock inside of me. I begin orgasming, clamping down on his cock, soaking his cock with my cum. My moans are muffled. He’s fucking me, pulling, biting my nipples. “You’re taking that cock so well Princess,” comes out of his mouth numerous times as well as, “You’re such a good girl” He’s moving my legs around, to his chest, his shoulders, one to the side, both to the side. He uses my pussy however he sees fit. I’m soaking him, myself, and the bed. He starts going in slow. So slow. Unbearably slow. Making me build. I’m building so slow. I’m whimpering through the gag. So slow. I’m getting close… I want him to fuck me hard and fast already…. make me cum now… he continues slowly. He’s pushing me over the edge at a snail’s pace. I slowly begin to cum… my pussy tightens up… it’s been 5, 10, 15 seconds… every muscle is tense in my body…through the gag I say “I can’t stop cumming, Daddy!!!” Which falls on deaf ears as it makes absolutely no sense with the gag ball… just garbled words. It’s bordering on ***ful how tense my entire body is…. He smiles… the orgasm finally begins to end, and I squirt everywhere. I am out of breath… he continues to fuck me as I’m catching my breath. He pushes his cock deep inside… he pulses his cock to hit my g spot… I squirt everywhere. He tells me “use my cock, princess… make yourself cum.” I begin grinding my hips from underneath him, making his cock rub on my g spot, and his pelvic bone on my clit… I rock back and forth, thrust, make circles with my hips. I’m getting closer, and he can tell. He holds his hard cock inside of me. Gripping my hips to keep himself inside me. I’m getting closer… “yes Princess, use that cock, cum for Daddy.” It’s all I needed to be pushed over the edge. I’m cumming, clamped down again. He fights to keep his cock inside me as my muscles are trying to push him out, as my orgasm is ending he’s fucking me harder with more oomph. I always know when he’s going to cum. He gets rough with me. Fucking me faster, thrusting harder, grabs me harder, rougher… he tells me “you’re going to make me cum, Princess.” He pushes his cock deep inside me as he releases. He continues to fuck me after he cums until I orgasm, and squirt for him one more time.

He unties my hands, pulls the gagball down and kisses me sweetly. I climb back into position onto his chest. Lay my head down, I’m making circles on his chest with my fingertip, rubbing his chest, his arms; his head, kissing his chest, his neck, he’s holding me, rubbing me, caressing me. I tell him “I love the way you fuck me,” as I’m drifting back off to sleep.
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