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The FET Store Clue Glossary

:one:  :two:  :three:  :four:  :five:  :six:  :seven:  :eight:  :nine:  :one::zero:

:one::one:  :one::two:  :one::three:  :one::four:  :one::five:  :one::six:

:one::seven:  :one::eight:  :one::nine:  :two::zero:  :two::one:  :two::two:

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30 minutes ago, TVmichelle-L said:

I just can't find the fourth icon

If you look properly when you need to find someone you can also choose the options....hope this helps or feel free to DM me


Day 2 Clue 3 Grid 3 :-
To much feedback for you to hear,
Adjust this to select who gets your ear.
ANAGRAMS :- (a) 'Once Met Mr Lift'
(b) 'Mr Tom Felt Nice'

Day 2 Clue 4 Grid 4 :-
The FET Universe is a Globally ALL Kink Inclusive place,
Set these parameters in your search for that compatible face.
ANAGRAMS :- (a) 'Tribes Flower's
(b) 'Be Worse Flirt'

3 hours ago, chicago4000 said:
How many icons total are out right now?

4 icons have been released so far, scroll up for the clues

1 hour ago, Daddyslittleone23 said:
I can’t find the 4th one 😩

If you want to look for the special one then you need to expand your options - if you need further help feel free to DM me

1 hour ago, Sissyfemboy9 said:
I got one, now what?😅

Now you need to find 3 more, clues are posted above if you scroll up

58 minutes ago, ErikM478 said:
Need help finding the 4th.

If you want to look for the special one then you need to expand your options - if you need further help feel free to DM me

31 minutes ago, EL-LOBO- said:
Cant find any

Best is to explore all the options on the app/website to find the icons. Also here are all the 4 clues

Day 1/Clue 1 - Birds of the same feather flock together,so why not bring them to join the party
Day 1/Clue 2 - if you talk to someone and feel they need to be on your A list, see how many you got there
Day 2/Clue 1 - if someone wants to say something your pictures you can set the parameters
Day2/Clue 2 - when looking for that special one you can adjust the range and what attracts you

1 hour ago, Salendine54 said:
Number 4 anyone?

Hello Salendine54 your filters are blocking me from messaging you, feel free to message me for any assistance 😁👍🏻

Hi can some one dm me please need help finding the latest two as I found the first two
And just what happens if you find all four of the icons..?
Day 2 clue 3 choose who says what
Day 2 clue 4 change setting to find more desirable
4 hours ago, moreFunever said:

Where di find day 2 clues

If you expand your comments and scroll back you will find the clues.  


If you are still struggling to find the clues by expanding your comments, head over to the website via your phone browser sign on as an existing member using www.fetish.com and the same password/id you would use for the app and head to the same forum thread and you will find a quick link clue glossary at the top of the page, that will take you directly to each day’s clues so far.

1 hour ago, Bob-Handy said:

And just what happens if you find all four of the icons..?

For each icon you find you are awarded 30 points for your efforts.  So far 4 icons have been released and they form part of a final picture which will be revealed by the end of the hunt providing you find all icons by the end of the hunt.  This treasure hunt is run over 12 days and two icons will be released each day at 3pm UK time.  So if you have found the current four available you now wait for the next two to be released and then collect them also and continue to do this each day until the end of the hunt.  If you collect all 24 icons by the end of the hunt you would have earned a total of 720 points, so totally worth collecting. 


Outside of collecting the icons you can also be in the running to win the main prizes on offer however as per the OP you need to post clues, share icons and help others to be eligible.  

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