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Pouncing Cougar


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Kelly was divorced and in her mid50s. President of a non-profit. Pretty and fit. Light brown hair and brown eyes. Inviting smile and could put everyone at easy with her southern charm.


She was nextdoor neighbors with Jack and his family. As she pulled into the driveway, she saw Jack loading bags into the car.


Off to the airport again?


Not me. The wife. Leaving me with the kids for the week.


Oh man, I will have to check in on you. Please let me know if you need anything. 


Thanks. I will.




There was a knock on the door in the early afternoon.  It was Kelly holding a package.


Hey, I saw you were home. UPS dropped your package off at my house.


Oh... thanks!


She stepped in.


How are things going? She reached out and touched his arm.


Surviving.  No need to call child services.


She laughed heavily and squeezed his arm.


Hey, did you each lunch yet? I made too much chicken salad and I needed you help moving something?


Jack's phone started buzzing.


Yeah, sure, give me 15 minutes and I will be over.


Garage is unlocked, just come on in.



Jack opened the door to the house. HELLO!


I'm up here. Can you help me move the dresser?

Jack walked up the stairs to the top landing. 


In here, Kelly said.


Jack walked into the bedroom.


I want to move the dresser from this wall to that wall and then move the bed over there.




She walked over and closed the door.


Ok grab that end.


They moved the dresser.


She walked up to him.


Did your wife drain your nuts before she left?


What was that, Jack asked.


Your wife. Did she drain your nuts before she left on her business trip? I would always drain my husband's nuts before he.left, but that didn't stop the bastard from cheating. 




I've seen the.way you look at me. I've seen the way you look at my daughter.




She's in college, I get it. But clearly your wife is not taking care of things at home.


Kelly dropped to her knees infront of Jack and pulled down his pants and boxers.


Mmmmmm... I was right. It is really big.


I don't think..


You're right, you cannot think being all backed up.


Kelly swallowed Jack's cock, whole.

Looking to at him


She swallowed the whole thing. 

No hesitation.


She sucked on his cock as it slid out of her mouth.


She kissed the tip of his cock. 

See, no gag reflex.


She swallowed his cock again. Holding it down her throat. Moving her tongue all over.


My ex never appreciated my cock sucking skills.

Do you like them?


Slurping on Jack's cock and she swallowed the whole thing.


Um...uhhh... yes, Jack moaned


He was losing his balance as she sucked harder.


Kelly walked his back to the edge of the bed.

Her head moving back and forth of his cock.


He'd never been swallowed lime this.

His cock was rock hard and swollen.


I bet your wife doesn't suck you like this, Kelly said.


She rested Jack's cock on her face and sucked his balls.


His balls sack in her mouth and his cock laying across her face, she looked up at him. Kelly stared into his eyes.


She sucked hard on his balls as she pulled her mouth away and gripped his cock.


That image is going to be burned in your memory forever.


She sucked on his cock with long, hard strokes. Gripping his cock.


I'm going to cum he moaned. 


She stroked harder.


Jack first squirt of cum shot out and hit Kelly's face.




She swallowed his cock. All of it. She sucked and swallowed hard. Her nose was pressed against his public bone. Both her hands wrapped around his ass, squeezing and pulling him closer and deeper down her throat while she continued to suck.


He came hard and bucked. She kept sucking. Coaxing out each squirt of juice down her throat.


She kept sucking.


He grabbed her by the back of the head and pulled her head back off of his cock.


She continued to suck hard as his cock slid out of her mouth.


Jesus christ, Jack fell back on the bed.


She stood up, patted him on the leg and said, come over for lunch any time you need to be drained

Fuck! Thats was nice!
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