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Jessica's Mistakes: Part 4

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She gasped, the pleasure suddenly mixing between sweet nectar trickling down her labia, to the hot wet saliva that lapped it up. He licked up and down hard, doing his best to not let any honey slip past him, and sucked up the remnants with sealed lips. His hands travelled up her hips, up her sides, his tongue dragging along her stomach and between her breasts. She hummed wildly, fidgeting at the sensations, gripping the sheets above her head before her mind could explode. He slid back down to her clitoris, biting gently and licking all over it. She whimpered with the building of an orgasm, and he moved back up her body.

Sweet liquid trailed down her breasts, but although his mouth drooled with longing, he enjoyed the view. She was heaving, her chest rising and falling rapidly with all the contact, and he stared in delight at such a beautifully decadent image. Finally his hands grasped her breasts tightly, honey sticking between his fingers, and he clawed at them before sucking harshly on her plump chest. He licked over her collar bone, up and down the valley of her cleavage, and swirled around her nipples as well as the base of her breasts. His left fingers reached up to his mouth, his right fingers offered up to her parting lips, and she sucked so vivaciously that her own hands tried to ram his inside her mouth. He had already put his condom on, and it found its way inside her while she groaned long and hard against his knuckles. He inserted himself slowly inside her, all the while wiping his left fingers on her breasts and leaning down to munch on them again.

He took bunches of her flesh in at a time, having to stop his thrusts to more thoroughly enjoy the warm skin that was buried against his face. Her hands pulled his face against her chest and he sucked and licked and bit passionately. He wanted to enjoy every inch of her breasts, as much as possible, and she hugged harder to satisfy him. His mouth was now working on its own, and so his lips sealed and clicked and licked and dampened her skin, while he resumed sliding in and out of her, nice and slowly. She was teased, moaning unintelligible words from her vibrating chest. Her entire body fidgeted and heaved with the sensations that covered her.
"Mas...ter," she huffed. "Please... Take me... Fr'... Behind."

His mind was brought back to the present, mouth covered in his own saliva from enjoying himself so much on her chest, and he stood up. He wiped his lips clean, lifted her hands until she was stood up, and then he pushed her back onto the bed on her front. No words were needed, her rump ass already high in the air, and with one hammering thrust she screamed.

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