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My sweaty adventures


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From my teen age  I was attracted to boys and girls  exercising and sweating their bodies. I really liked one boy from our schoo. He liked to exercise really  hard in our school gym and usually ended totally  sweaty, I loved to watch him changing his shirt and wiping off his body with towel. I imagined petting his body,  get all wet from his sweat. The he reached his orgasm and I  started cumming. It was such intense pleasure but  after that I was again ashamed that my fantasies are not " normal ".  The first person I told about them was my boyfriend David. I was 25, he just 20 in time we started to date. After few weeks we dated I saw David after his treadmill training. His body looked like after bath  and I  got such aroused that I got fast home and  thinking of my cute boy and his body sweating from every pore  I  reacted intense orgasm and cummed like geyser.  

I knew I must tell him so I did and he had said we can try it ,  why not. He was riding an exercise bike  in  where was  over 90F and  I was watching my cute blond hair angel sweating  such intense. My cock was hard like stone. Than I took off his clothes, I remember sweat dripping from his shirt. I let him relax for a minute and then  kissed and hugged him. I  wanted to help him orgasm first but  the arousal  from my boy's body was too strong. 10 I minutes of indescribable pleasure,  I found out  that  I an smell his body and than just, few touches of his smooth hand on my dick  caused  that i almost lost consciousnes. David was the only one person in world for me . Than my boy fucked me  and   spent 2.5 years with this pretty boy and  amazing was  that I really loved him as my partner in my heart, this made the body pleasure even much stronger. 

Then I has unexpected short but indescribable intense romance with my best friend. Her name was Misza and was my first girl I seduced and in 2 weeks we spent tohether before her marriage was amazing. Misza told me that  she loves me sweating as well. Right our first try ended up with our orgasm at same time and  I flled  her pussy with,huge load . At same time was Misza screaming in orgasm  

And recently, Adrian (my younger friend and former ocassional lover , year ago moved with his wife to Australia :( ) was amazing.  I saw some of his pictures after exercise where he was totally sweaty and told him how much he'd arouse me all sweaty. He just smiled and agreed. We took a shower together and was gently washing and petting his body. I told him I put soime portable heaters in room where I have treadmill and exercise bike and hope he doesn't mind. I hugged him and said : " Adrian, I know you are in very good shape and you can last 45 minutes on exercise bike. " We got out of the shower, dried out our bodies, I stayed aleready naked and gave my lover headband, towel and he put on shorts, undershirt and shirt. He just turned 30 and looked even younger, cute face and blue eyes. He was such sexy in his sport clothes. He probably didn't expect 95F and looked at me kinda unsure but I told him : " Adrian, please finish whole 45 minutes, intense sweating is good for the body, I myself always feel great after intense sweating and you'll see how you will make me horny. " Adrian jumped on the bike and started at medium level. His face was red in seconds what was in nice contrast with his blond hair. Soon he started to sweat, his face, throat and soon his whole body. Adrian smiled after he saw my cock, hard unless I need to touch it. I told him : " Good boy, Keep´sweatimg, my cock is such hard just imagine your shiny body. " 20 minutes passed and my boy was sweating from every pore of his body. Finally4 45 minutes was over and Adrian got down from the bike and sit on the mattress. I gave him big bottle of ion drink. He drank it all. I kissed and hugged him. I whispered to him : " Adrian, you really sweaty boy and I'm such aroused, sweating is such natural and you were nicely clean from shower, I feel you make me such full. I wish to press to you and enjoy you with all my senses but first you deserve the biggest pleasure . Drink more water dear and I'll take off your clothes , give you new headband. " His clothes was all wet and drops of sweat were running down his body. I put four big towels on mattresses, gave my boy a long kiss and gently wiped of sweat from his face. I grabbed his cock and second hand was smearing sweat allover his body. Adrian started to moan a and said : " I also need to cum, please let me cum. " I stopped and said : " Not yet dear but it will be soon, I promise. You know what. Because you are such good boy, you can try something. I know you never fucked a boy. Want to fuck me ? " I didn't need to ask twice. I used my anesthetic gel, gave him drink again , wiped off his face and picked position that I can see his face and body. His hard dripping cock was in second in me. Adrian whispered : " Its such tight, much tighter than my girl's pussy, yes, I feel such nice, Patrick. " I could see in his face how he is getting close." Patrick, you also start sweating I see but I have never sweat so much in my life but I feel such nice , I'm such full, I want to cum it out. " I said : "Adrian please cum on my body, come now my boy . " Finally Adrian screamed pretty loud and pulled out his cock his body was shaking in orgasm and three big spurts of semen flooded my belly. He laid down on the mattress, tired, gasping and I knew I cannot last too much longer . I kissed my boy and pressed to his body. I said : " Adrian, please just slowly s

l caress my cock, I need to be close to you, I love you sweat so much, I'm all wet from your sweat and yes, I can smell your body, your nice clean body, your fresh sweat. Babe, come under me, I want to cum on your body .... " it was last I remember, my orgasm was amazing. Adrian said I was really loud and was cumming maybe 15 seconds.
I found out my whole body is also sweaty and could not believe that my friend had my cum from his throat whole way to his belly. After short rest I took my friend in the shower again. I said to him : " Adrian, you're such amazing boy, you can see now why i wish you sweat. " He smiled : " If i will really feel such great as you told me we can repeat it.

Soon were sweating together  and  had amazing orgasms 

I,'m really bad boy, I closed my eyes now and imagine having David and Misza at same time,  I've never smell  sweaty girl and boy at same time and now imagined it and exploded, , ... pleasure cuming  allover my body. 

Bad boy but feeling like in heaven, somebody wants join me ? 



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