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Dipping our toes in the water here to see how much enthusiasm there would be for an idea we are playing with.

Hi he, she and theys! and thanks for getting thus far. My name is… let’s call me The Librarian. I’m the happy and well kept male submissive of my Dominant.

My dominant would like to branch out of our relationship into the world of ProDomming, some of which she has tinkered with before. However rather than just hold obscenely pricey hour long sessions where she can just get your bottoms a little stung before a timer dings (which she is frankly bored of!) She has thought of the idea of hosting intimate little weekends away. These would after a time come with a reasonable cost, however we’re going to have a few trial weekends which we would offer at cost (rent, food, toys)

The premise thus far involves a group of a maximum of 6 (Herself, myself, and 4 lucky subs!) holing up in a isolated little cottage somewhere within a reasonable distance of London. We would all follow Her rules, be subject to Her play, and enjoy our kink together.

Although She can be a pretty demanding Boss, the idea is for the weekend to also have elements of luxury and rest - at the end of the day, we’ll all have jobs to get back to bright and early on a Monday morning, and dragging yourself somewhere black and blue with 2 hours sleep across the weekend isn’t beneficial to anyone, no matter how pleased your inner submissive is! Because of this, you’ll be allocated a bed although may share a room, fed good food (my Dominant loves to cook - though we will definitely be washing the dishes and chopping the veggies!), and enjoy themed activities.
Themed activities you ask? My Dominant has quite the imagination and so far she’s thinking Strip-n-spank poker, locals walks to forage your own switch, and is threatening pin-the-clamps-on-the-book-loving-submissive (I’m hoping this is more varied).

My Dominant is set on dipping our toes in the water first with a non-specific weekend away, though in future if there is plenty of interest, we’d look at grouping specific kinks together.

Ideas for a trial weekend from a kink point of view:
Impact play (The Dominants favourite and a non-negotiable! Though levels of severity
potentially are!)
Group play
Training to follow basic rules and positions
POTENTIAL individual, hands off intimate play. (Being told to make yourself come).

Future ideas (so far):
Schoolhouse weekend
Crossdressing or latex
Beginners weekend
Couples getaway
Pet play
Slaves weekend

You’d be welcome regardless of the kinks you enjoy so long as they’re legal (although obviously we’d only be indulging in the ones Dominant loves!) Our idea is we’d have time to negotiate and talk through likes and dislikes before the weekend, and every decision would be made and stipulated in an individual contract. You would be issued a safe word on arrival and would be ‘free’ to use the word and either walk away, or have a quiet chat with myself as Librarian or Gatekeeper of the place around broken expectations.
Myself being on site was my Dominants idea as quite often it feels overwhelming submitting and expectations not being met. I’m quite funny and a good listener (definitely do not have Dominant standing over me instructing me what to type here!) so you’d have someone on site to discuss scenes or changes you’d like to make and why as a sounding board. Alternatively, don’t talk to me, and live your best, in-the-moment sub life at the feet of the Dominant! Entirely up to you :)

Now a word to the wise - we do not and will not be ignoring safe words to provide unbearable beatings or other play. We’re not interested in breaking up marriages so if you’re in a relationship WITHOUT permission to play, it’s a no from us. Dominant is happy topping all genders and ages, however we’d need you to be in reasonably good physical fitness to join (aka Dominant doesn’t want any heart attacks at the hands of her strap!), and if you’re a couple you must both be either submissive, or switches and submit to Her for the weekend.

If the above sounds like a (good!) dream for you, please do drop us a short intro into our DMs. We’ll keep details of all approved candidates, and once we have gathered enough interest for a trial weekend, we’ll be in touch with the details.

For your intro, Dominant would like:
A good four of five sentences about you - interests and hobbies outside of kink.
Then, a bit about your experience with kink, including details of any relationships or situations you are currently in.
Explain what excites you about our idea, and what makes you most nervous.
A list of your kinks (favourites, ones you’ve tried, ones you haven’t tried, soft limits, hard limits)

Please say hi even if not interested if you have any ideas or feedback (that would make you interested, or even just to help a fellow sub out!)

Thanks for getting this far. Message if interested!

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