Hey i am 19 and looking for horny females or shemails on Snapchat that will trade pics and videos and like to talk dirty and i am easy to talk to and get on with so if you what to talk add me on Snapchat liamcb44
Kinky Dating18 to 60 years ● 5km around UK, Aughton 10 months ago
Rough to extreme
I need a Daddy that ensures full use, yet a Master who can forceably break me apart so that He can teach me to take all... full control.. slapping a nd breaking apart is acknowledged will occur... what would you want inside me?
Kinky Dating30 to 55 years ● 5km around UK, Aughton 5 months ago
Femdom needed
Would do anything once. Try me. I’m single and would be great for you to try out. Happy to try pain. But no marks that can be seen on my normal life. Living at work. So would have to be at your or somewhere over night out. Get in touch. I’m yours.
Kinky Dating18 to 45 years ● 25km around UK, Ormskirk 7 months ago
Lets go
I am a very open person looking for anything right now. Not sure what i want from this yet but looking to explor and learn and enjoy myself! If you think you could then message me up. I’ll chat to all:)
Kinky Dating100km around UK, Ormskirk 10 months ago
Dom looking for a sub
I am looking for someone I can take to a party in a few BDSM clubs in the northwest. I have been a Master few years but have never been to a club I want to meet someone who willing to be trained and I have rules you must follow
Kinky Dating20 to 30 years ● 5km around UK, Knowsley 10 months ago
Master look for a female slave
I am a Master looking for a slave in the Liverpool area I do have rules and tend to be kind message me if you wish to talk Age is between 20 and 30 I have been in to the scene for a new of year and will train you if need be
Kinky Dating20 to 30 years UK, Knowsley 10 months ago
Selling used knickers and shoes
So I am looking for a slave with a foot Fetish or something else who is willing to pay me to receive my dirty underwear and old shoes. My last slave got into a relationship and wouldn’t please me anymore
Kinky Dating18 to 60 years ● 100km around UK, Chapel House 10 months ago
Pick up sex
Anyone interested in fucking me, pick us up have fun with me bounce on ur cock cum up me. Need cock me will do anything money would help but not to bothered just want some cock n cum up me. Tie me up fuck me dead hard
Kinky Dating40 to 80 years ● 5km around UK, Sefton 10 months ago
Seeking Liverpool girls
I'm looking to make a close friendship bond with a girl from the Merseyside area to bring to house parties me and my partner host. Open minded, adventurous, fun. Between 20-30. Someone for me to cuddle while the men are talking football give me company.
Munch & Club Buddy20 to 30 years ● 10km around UK, Sefton 10 months ago
sub trans woman looking for a Domme
I'm looking for a Domme woman / Feminine Trans woman or a ladyboy/shemale for eiher friends with benefits, open/closed relationship, long or short term. I'm extremely open minded and love to try new things, I'm always honest so if there is something I'm really not into I will say straight off, I never mess people around. Looking for physical meets only, no online stuff, and not looking for money Dommes.
Kinky Dating18 to 60 years ● 50km around UK, Skelmersdale one day ago
I Am Submissive, male looking for mommy dom
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Kinky Dating18 to 100 years ● 75km around UK, Skelmersdale one month ago
very shy
I am new to this and looking to find out more about about bdsm and fetish , And plus it has been a very long time since I have been with anyone , Am looking to learn and try new things ,and as I only have a tinyone I think am more of a sub
Kinky Dating18 to 70 years ● 5km around UK, Skelmersdale 10 months ago
I like to get tied up naked , anyone interested?
Hi Im male, I like to get tied up naked. I do self bondage. I like if another person guide me through the bondage session. I like to be naked all the time. I like to talk about people's kinks and fantacies. Openly talk about them. Thanks.
Kinky Dating18 to 60 years ● 300km around UK, Liverpool 8 months ago
Mummy and financial dom ?
Message me subs and I will decide if you are worthy enough to become my slave. I like to take care of my bottoms but you have to be very good and do as I ask .......It can be our sexy little secret. I'm a cyber mistress who's professional, strict and strong looking to extend her elite stable of slaves I request a paid tribute in time so as to eliminate time wasters and to build on the very important trust between top and a bottom x
Kinky DatingUK, Liverpool 9 months ago
I'm sub
Hi I'm male, I like to get tied up naked, anything involving nudity I'm on it. I like to chat with people. Talk about their fantasy. And share my kinks. I do self bondage and I love it. I like bdsm and pain. Chat with me my kik username is katehon .
Kinky Dating30 to 70 years ● 100km around UK, Liverpool 10 months ago
Looking for a dominant mistress
Looking for a dominant mistress to humiliate me wear her knickers and lick her boots not into pain unless with a strap on And fuck me also any young subs looking for a master need some role play Who wants a daddy
Kinky Dating18 to 59 years ● 50km around UK, Liverpool 10 months ago
Submissive slave
To meet a Master or Mistress and to become their slave. I'm very submissive and I would love to have a Master or Mistress to serve. I'm kinky and open to any desires and needs that my Master/Mistress may have
Kinky Dating25 to 65 years ● 10km around UK, Sefton 10 months ago
Newbie looking to meet new friends espicially dominant guys seventy pkus to introduce me to anal sex can be leather lover or rubber or a male cuple also mature couples to help me explore other types of kinky sex
Kinky Dating60 to 78 years ● 5km around UK, Sefton 10 months ago

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