Looking for milder Feminisation
So a kink I've had for a while is to be treated like a girl by another girl. I'm absolutely not into any anal stuff or being with guys or most things that would be considered 'gay'. I just get really turned on by the idea of being made to look and act like a girl. The clothing, underwear, hair, makeup, even name. Anyone around the same age who is interested or even wants to talk about it PM me
Kinky Dating18 to 25 years ● 25km around UK, Swindon 10 months ago
Cerebral and submissive
Hi, I am an alpha male in real life , but have been on a lifelong quest to find a caring domme that would get sexual pleasure from my submission and suffering, with a view to cultivating a 24/7 female lead relationship.
Kinky Dating35 to 60 years UK, Swindon 10 months ago
Looking for a lady for casual meets and fun
I live between Swindon and Bristol and travel a bit for work so i have a big geographical area i can cover. Am looking for a lady, attached or single, who is looking for a discreet sub/dom relationship. Drop me a line and i will get back to you straightaway. Or mail on alekhine100 at gmail dot com, or kik at petewilts
Kinky Dating20 to 50 years ● 150km around UK, Swindon one week ago
Want to find a Dom
Im a really submissive bottom, who is looking for a very controlling Dom who would try anything and everything on me. i am very open and very interested in experiencing more things. Feel free to send me a message :3
Kinky Dating18 to 65 years UK, Swindon 3 months ago
Seeks experienced Master.
I'm seeking an experienced Master to train me to reach my full submissive potential. I'm kind, caring, honest reliable and 100% submissive. I have a desire to please and love the thought of living this lifestyle.
Kinky Dating40 to 55 years ● 25km around UK, Swindon 4 months ago
Submissive wanted.
Tall and slim with dark features. Quiet and bookish in public looking to explore my more assertive side in private. Willing to try most things roleplay, restraints and rough play are definitely wanted. Everything else up for discussion.
Kinky Dating18 to 30 years ● 10km around UK, Swindon 5 months ago
Looking for a sub
Looking for a willing sub to explore BDSM with and try out various punishments and kinks, new to the community to would be great to have someone else new as well. Can travel to you easily, just need sub.
Kinky Dating18 to 21 years ● 10km around UK, Swindon 10 months ago
Looking for that 1 special Lady.
Big Cuddly Guy with a heart of gold looking for a Domme as well as a soul mate. I have had a interest in the BDSM Lifestyle for years. My ex girlfriend had a sadistic Streak that we found that incredibly erotic we experimented in bondage, CBT , Prolonged Chastity (we both Loved this) we separated several years ago i miss the lifestyle and want to get back in to it.
Kinky Dating25 to 42 years ● 50km around UK, Swindon 9 months ago
Asslicking sessions
Hello, have a huge asslicking fetish, if you love your asshole to be licked then I’m the guy for you! Would do anything to tongue a good looking asshole! Willing to pay for sessions, please message me. Thank you
Kinky Dating18 to 40 years ● 150km around UK, Aldbourne 8 months ago
Looking for mistress I can worship
I’m young and need a mistress that can teach me a thing or two in the kink industry. I am will to pay for the sessions. I want to worship someone and be punished. I have so many fetish’s that I would love to try but need someone with knowledge.
Kinky Dating100km around UK, Aldbourne 10 months ago
Nylon fetishes.
Calling all nylon fetish community. Sexual pleasuring on both sides with foreplay and sexual encounters for exploring. Any kind of clothing you wish to wear to tease and excite both of us. Anybody of sexual desires would be of interest.
Kinky Dating75km around UK, Swindon 10 months ago
Looking for a sub
Hey, my dom and I are looking for an older sub (older than me so 25+) to join us as my big sister/Mummy, she would be a dom to me but a sub to him. Please reply if you're interested! We're so keen, UK only!
Kinky Dating26 to 45 years ● 50km around UK, Swindon one week ago
I would like to find a Sub who has a Cheeky side to her. Someone who is open minded and a willingness to please. Trust and good communication is Key! Females only!! Regular meets are a necessity for me.
Kinky Dating18 to 60 years ● 200km around UK, Swindon 2 weeks ago
Looking for a dom
I am looking for a dom whether guy or girl for my first time into the world of BDSM! I have never been with a guy before so would be something i would love to do or i would not mind being part of a couples or even a threesome!
Kinky Dating20 to 26 years ● 50km around UK, Swindon 10 months ago
Adventurous indoors and out..
Looking for somebody adventurous to join me in my quest to explore the weird and wonderful world that is myself.. A modern romantic with a taste for.. well, you know what! As much I enjoy control, I'm an absaloutle sucker for being told off and put in my place.. Slap me, scratch me and sit on my face..!
Kinky Dating20 to 40 years ● 50km around UK, Wootton Bassett 10 months ago
Seeking long term relationship with submissive
Looking for a submissive partner for long term relationship, maybe live in. Private country residence and good standard of living. Must be slim and around my age., ideally small boobs and a submissive loving nature.
Kinky Dating40 to 60 years ● 100km around UK, Coleshill 5 months ago
Looking for new experiences
Been in a dull sexual marriage for 10 years but now I'm separated i want to discover the real pleasures that are out there. I have many fantasies and desires I'd like to try and I'm looking for a like minded person to help me on my journey.
Kinky Dating30 to 45 years ● 100km around UK, Faringdon 5 months ago

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