Looking for an obedient female slave to train into a 24/7 slutty fuck toy, one which gave me full control over her body and lifestyle if willing. How would you feel if you were locked in a metal chastity belt or tied spreadeagled, naked exposed, your perky tits facing the ceiling, with remote controlled vibrators shoved deep in your dripping wet pussy and sexy ass, so I could control them whenever I wanted, wherever I wanted, however I wanted. So I could deny you an orgasm, or you to cum again and again… How would you like it if I rubbed your nipples roughly, pinching them, pulling on them, rolling them in my fingertips, then slowly moved my hand down to between your spread legs, over your pussy mound, sliding two fingers along your moistening slit, tracing them up and down between your pussy lips sensually. Feel your pussy, your fingers resting at the entrance to your leaking wet hole, how does it feel? Does it feel moist, dripping? If it is, I bet you feel like a pathetic whore right now, but at the same time -- you belong. Slide a finger in, slowly, in and out. Tell me how you feel… How would you like to be my slave, owned fully, tied up, d to be naked while alone at home, trained into a *** obedient fuck-toy whore. Played with, aroused… I’d train you to be a proper slave, to beg for permission to cum, to be aroused and horny wanting me to play with you. I'm fine with starting off slow if you’re a beginner, and showing you the ropes. Tell me what you are into, I’m into a lot of things and I’d work with you to dominate you in the way that is personalized to you, tell me what you desire, as well as any limits you have. I’m living in the Boston area, but am happy with dominating online those who are farther away! Also, if you are interested in latex, chastity belts (female), sex toys, or being tied up and naked like the slut you are, definitely message me, I want you...

BDSM Play Partner20 to 35 years USA, Boston 3 weeks ago


BDSM Play Partner18 to 80 years ● 50km around USA, Boston 9 months ago

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