Looking for lasting relationship/marriage:

Bisexual guy (penis length, girth (inches): 7 3/4, 6), still a virgin and extremely shy, looking for a feminine Dom (either cis woman or trans woman of either op status), interested in being ***d Feminized, trained as a toilet slave (eating and drinking all the shit and piss I can stand), humiliated, degraded, kept in locking collar and restraints 24/7 (chained up and/or confined in dog cage for as much as possible), gangbanged by as many cocks as possible whether on men or trans women, filled with and covered in as much cum as possible... I generally want a Mistress to mold me and make me her bitch that likes however she uses me and whatever she has to give me, including if she wants to smack me around more than I might say I want.

I'm new to all this and eager to learn and try new things and push myself as far as I can stand in the service of excitement and pleasure, for me and my Mistress. I'm also not set on monogamy and am open to having a Mistress with more than one slave all living together, with me being one of them and having sex with whoever else is a slave, among others. I don't want to close myself off to anything and am open to going outside my comfort zone, willing to entertain almost anything. I am also interested in videogames enough that it could be a problem to have a Mistress who isn't at all, so being any kind of gamer is a big plus. I'm a Liberal Democrat with some conservative leanings (which is to say I'm Liberal but not rabidly anti-Conservative, just anti-Stupidity and pro-Logic regardless of which letter goes next to a person's name on a ballot). I'm pro-choice to be clear (bad thing these days to be leaving that open to interpretation), my conservative leanings have to do with other things. See my profile for more or message me to chat if you're interested.

Kinky Date18 to 33 years ● 500km around USA, Somerville one year ago

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