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I’m working on an NSFW project and seeking people who’d like to contribute for commission or for experience and credit (primarily non-NSFW currently, but both ideally).

It is definitely the first project of its kind amongst the adult genre card games. I will be raising the quality in bar very high. It’s probably going to take me a good 5 to 10 years in total and I’m about two years into it, so right now I just need a lot of networking.
having a project like this really ties in nicely with the type of lifestyle, I would love to lead, it’s just damn hard to find the right partner that is open minded enough. I need somebody that is actually honest and can have open dialogue about any type of BDSM and sexuality related topic without getting weird. It always surprises me how odd some people act even though they’ve been doing this for so long.
Lol anyways.

Basically, need to meet some artists and especially people that are just interested in working on a project and illustrating some characters with high realism with substance and style. Note that the actual characters won’t be nude on the cards, but likely there will be nudity to a slight degree on some of the various card varieties.

If you are willing to just work with me on some characters and concepts. They are definitely getting experience out of it and I would probably credit them as working on the project. I haven’t done any Kickstarter or anything like that yet, but I kind of *** the amount of attention it would garner, and how fast it probably would….
And I will also not reveal specifics in public forums or anything like that, only general concepts and the like. That’s partially contributing to why I don’t want public funding right now and probably for a mini years until the production and printing stages.

Anyways, just thought I’d put some feelers out.  all right stay freaky you freaky freaks. Lol.

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