Every day you get to indulge in one of your fetishes is a good day, right? But have you ever heard of International Fetish Day? Well, you do now! The third Friday of January is this annual #kinktastic celebration, but, what is it all about though? Let Fetish.com‘s own Victoria Blisse enlighten you.


What is International Fetish Day?

A day to celebrate everything fetish. It’s an important way to acknowledge the fetish community, how amazing it is and how it’s normal to have a fetish while at the same time opposing the UK law that criminalises owning ‘extreme pornography’.

When did it all start? 

It started out in the UK back in 2008 and was simply the National Fetish day; it was 2009 when it went international. 

Why was International Fetish Day established? 

On the 26th January, 2009 section 26 of the UK criminal justice and immigration act was enacted. This legislation makes owning ‘extreme pornography’ illegal. It covers several things that could happen in BDSM and fetish scenes, such as mutilation of breasts and genitals and consent isn’t taken into account at all. 

International Fetish Day started as an opposition to this law, making a celebration of fetish, BDSM and all things kinky to take away the stigma of having a fetish because as we all know at Fetish.com - it’s okay to be kinky! 


How can you celebrate International Fetish Day?

A subtle way to join in is to wear purple. Established with the tag line ‘perverts wear purple’ this is a way to show your fetish nature but keeping things vanilla enough not to get yourself kicked out of work, for example. 

Some people don’t like the use of the word 'pervert' because of its negative connotation where others in the community embrace it and try to claim it back, taking the sting out of a much-used insult. It doesn’t matter if you identify with the pervert tag or not, wearing purple is a way to celebrate your fetish even in completely vanilla settings.

Image of a man squeezed between two women's breasts
Squeeze in some fun this International Fetish Day.  Image: Torbackhopper via Flickr Creative Commons licence.

Many fetish events all over the world celebrate International Fetish Day, look up one in your area or throw your own party to celebrate! This way you can dress up in any way you like and truly indulge in your kinky nature. 

If you can’t get out, then stay in and indulge your kink by watching fetish porn or chatting to like-minded kinksters or if you can do your fetish on your own, give it a go! Make sure everything you do is risk aware, though. Self-bondage might sound fun, but make sure you know what to do if things go wrong! 

The importance of International Fetish Day

This isn’t a holiday driven by commercialism, and there is no pressure to buy a card or a present for your Mistress, Master, top or main kink partner. Its sole purpose is to celebrate fetish and destigmatize having a fetish. It’s often seen as something creepy or wrong, but this is only because people don’t understand what it really means. 

A fetish isn’t a bad thing, and it doesn’t make you a criminal or a weirdo, it just means you love a certain thing that turns you on. You know yourself, you embrace your desires, and you celebrate that. Many people never get the chance to embrace their fetishes because they are scared to do so, because of the views of their peers and society in general. 

So having a day to celebrate the freedom we fetishists and kinksters have to enjoy ourselves is very important. And it is a way we continue to battle against the view that what we do is somehow wrong or harmful when done right; it’s neither of those things at all. 

Wear purple on the third Friday of every January to show off your fetish pride, but we all know that you can be proud of being kinky every day of the year!

Meet new kinksters this International Fetish Day.  Discover kinky people in our forumsBDSM chat rooms, or create a personal ad  :smiling_imp: 

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Images by Torbackhopper via Flickr Creative Commons licence.

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Everyday should be fetish day.
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