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Gender Woman
Age 40
Status Not single
Height 175cm
Body shape Curvy
Eye colour Green
Hair colour Brown
Hair length Long
Origin England
Zodiac signs Libra
I can speak English

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As well as being a Community Team Member, I am an erotic author, a Sex Positive Reverend and part of Smut.UK who arrange events for curious and kinky people with a literary bent.

Cheeky wench and good girl in equal measure I have a big heart and an even bigger smile. Variety is the spice of life so I keep my life spicy!


I dream of a world where everyone is accepted for exactly who they are. No judgements or expectations, no need for labels because everyone will be perfectly, wonderfully themselves.

My fantasies are varied and fun, I write lots of them down and publish them for everyone to read. I'm most certainly a masochist and pain makes me a very happy bunny indeed. Pleasure is very good too of course, both together is perfection!

My roles & archetype

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