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Soothing A Dominant

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I no longer post my stories on here because it takes too much time and aggravation to get approved, but I would like to post one more to see if you all still enjoy what I write. This is one of my favourite, most recent stories that I have written.

- - -

Part 1

I wrote this story to calm my own mind, but also to show what it is like to have a Submissive Slave. There is no sex in this story, only the gestures of a devoted woman doing her best to please her Master. It does not have the usual steamy content, but I hope you still enjoy it.


He placed his hat on the coat-stand and hooked his glasses underneath it, all while kicking the door gently shut with his foot. He sighed heavily, strolling over to the sofa and slumping onto the thick cushioning while loosening his tie from around his neck. He pinched the bridge of his nose with another long breath, eyes softly closed to block out the light of the day. He opened his eyes, leaned back, and took in the beautiful view of his house.

The floor was white, two ash-grey sofas were positioned in an ‘L’ shape with their bottom corner pointing to the front door, and inside this ‘L’ stood a low, glass coffee table on an ovular fluffy carpet of aqua-blue. The white floor had a dull gleam to it, trailing off into the dining room where the white table and silver chairs were arranged for six people. To the right of it was the kitchen with a tall, white-marble counter cutting down the middle. It was all open-plan, which added to the already-huge space, and the light from the frosted-windows that made up the walls flooded the room with magnificent, yet passive light.

Immediately in front of the door was a set of stairs, rising up to the second floor and the balcony that hovered over the kitchen and dining room. The chrome handrails framed glass panels of tinted blue, a few white pillars alternated with the bedroom doors, and on the far left end was the door to the bathroom. That door opened, and out came Lana in a gorgeous black set of lingerie and high heels.

“Good afternoon, Sir,” she smiled down to him.

She stepped lightly along the balcony, hand on the railing with her bosom and buttocks well pronounced. Her heels tapped with each step she took, and elegantly she descended the stairs. Her bra was just the right size for her ample breasts, her areolas peeking over the rims, and she wore knickers of matching black silk. Over the top of them was a suspender belt, consisting of large panels of fabric for better comfort. The straps were clipped to her pellucid stockings, adorned with small black bows. Her shiny brown hair was down and skimming her shoulders, and there was a calm expression on her face, peacefulness in her baby-blue eyes.

"Lana, honey, I am tired, and I have had a frustrating day. I think I just need some alone time at the moment."

"With all due respect, Sir, I can see how exhausted and annoyed you are. Please may I sit on your lap, Sir?"

“You may.”

She stood in front of his legs, bent down to pull his knees together, and carefully straddled his lap. Her weight on his thighs was quite comforting, and he breathed deeply while her hands applied a small amount of pressure to his shoulders.

“There we go, Sir,” she tilted her head and looked into his wandering, tired eyes. “Just relax, Sir. I'm not going anywhere until I make you smile, Sir.” She massaged his shoulders for a while longer before she spoke again. “I'm not going to ask you to tell me what happened, Sir, but you should know that I'm here to listen if you want to talk about it."

"I would rather not, at the moment. I just want to relax."

"Then please allow me to take your mind off of things, Sir," she took her weight off him and bent down onto her knees, hands sliding along his body to find his belt buckle.

"Lana, I am not in the mood for anything sexual at the moment." Her hands stopped, she paused and watched his face, and then she stood.

"Then I won't do anything sexual, Sir. How about I make you a hot chocolate instead, Sir?"

"That would be nice, thank you."

She turned gracefully on one heel and exited to the kitchen, her rear cheeks quivering juicily with each tap of her heels. One foot in front of the other, she walked so gracefully that it was sexy.


Part 2

After only a few minutes, she returned with a coaster and a mug from which wisps of steam arose. She set the drink down on the coffee table, making sure to squat rather than bend over, and then she stood and faced him with her hands clasped together in front of her knickers.

"Would you like one of your books, Sir?"

"I am not in the mood to read at the moment."

"Perhaps you would like me to read one to you then, Sir?"

"As much as I appreciate the initiative; no thank you."

"Of course, Sir. Would you allow me to lay across your lap, so you've got somewhere to rest your coaster, Sir?"

"I would not mind that at all. Thank you."

“I’m glad to be of help, Sir.” She picked the coaster from the table and handed it to him, then stepped to his side and kneeled on the sofa. Her hands stalked over his lap, careful not to knock his mug while he held it up high. He would not be pleased if she got scalded. He watched her crawl over his lap, laying her stomach on his thighs and relaxing her arms and legs. She interlaced her fists as if praying, getting herself comfortable,

“I’m ready for you, Sir.”

“Good girl.”

He sat his coaster on her back and she gasped at the chill. She closed her eyes and soon forgot about it with his free hand stroking her buttocks. She hummed humourously, quietly enjoying his touch after all of  her thoughtful gestures. She was a beautiful woman, he knew, but more so she was a beautiful soul. As delicious as her lips were, so soft and plump and pretty-pink, it was her words that often impressed him most. Her stunning eyes and fluttering lashes could make his heart skip a beat, but when she looked at him she could almost read his thoughts. Her breasts were by no means small, but neither were they ridiculously big, and as a dedicated Submissive she would often offer for him to rest his head on her chest. Her buttocks was his second favourite meal, so tantalising and rump, and she loved to squeal when he sank his teeth into her flesh. Not only that, but having her sit on his lap was such a wonderful feeling, so cushioned and soft, and he could spend hours just talking to her. She truly was an amazing person, not just a Submissive.

He sipped his hot chocolate with increasingly large gulps as it cooled, but he stopped before he finished it.

"Would you to finish off my hot chocolate, Lana?"

“I would, thank you, Sir.” She turned her head back to look at him, and he offered the mug to her lips while she remained on his lap. He slowly tipped it up and she sipped, giggling as he took it away and wiping her thumb across her sweetened lips. He reached over her to place the coaster on the table.

“Thank you, Sir.” She got up off his lap and stood to grab the crockery. “You seem calmer now, but may I please give you a massage, Sir?” She stood up to face him.

“I would like that, but first I think I would like to have a shower.”

“Then may I please be the one to clean you, Sir?”

“I do not see why not.”

“I do have one condition, Sir.”


“You requested I do nothing sexual, so I will not give you a handjob, but I would like to kiss you, Sir."

"That is not always a sexual act."

"But I am going to be intimate with you, Sir. May I, please?"


Part 3

“I think I would like that, Lana.”

She gave him a smile and a slight curtsy, hurried to the kitchen to dispose of his mug, and returned to take his hand. He always had her walk in front of him, more so that he could keep an eye on her at all times, but she enjoyed knowing that he could do anything he wanted and she would not see it coming. He had voiced his desire to not be sexual, so she did not *** a spank or anything this time, but she saw no harm in fantasising. With each step she took up the staircase, her rear end bounced, and he watched with delight until they reached the top. She turned back to him and took his hand again, guiding him to the bathroom.

The tiles on the floor were sandy-orange, with sandy-yellow walls and a ceiling of beige. The LED lights cast a soft glow, filling the room with an ambient warmth that was in itself relaxing. The sink was to the right, with the toilet in the far left corner, and ahead was a bathtub encased in a stacked-stone wall. To its right was an ‘L’ shaped, tiled wall with a doorless opening. The positioning of the lighting cast a weak shadow into the area behind the wall, with two more LEDs directly above it, but not turned on.

He went for his collar button, but her hands joined in,

“Sir, please. You are tired. Let me do it, Sir.” Her lips were parted ever-so-slightly, her gaze lowering from his eyes to the button. She undid it, then reached up for the softest of kisses while working her fingers down his shirt. Their eyes were closed, their lips clicking apart and coming back in for another peck. Her hands were fast but certain, moving with efficient skill while her lips connected with his at not even half the speed. It was so slow and calm, peaceful even, and with each kiss she gave, he breathed just a little bit easier. Her hands slipped his shirt from his shoulders and she began to bend her knees, but his curled finger lifted her chin and she stayed on her feet. She stared into his eyes, knowing that the look in them requested her returned attention, not another kiss. He studied her beautiful eyes, so bright-blue and flecked with green. His belt became loose and he let go of her chin.

She squatted, pulling his trousers and trunks down in one smooth motion, and he rested his hand on her head while stepping out of it all. She cast his clothes aside and stood up again.

"Sir, would you like me to keep my lingerie on?"

"No, thank you. Please take it off. You can put it back on for the massage."

“Then if you would please adjust the temperature of the shower to your liking, I will join you shortly, Sir.”


Part 4

The water trickled from the shower head, then poured, and finally it blasted. He used his open palm to gauge the heat until it was just right, then walked around the wall and stood inside the shadowed enclosure. It was rectangular so that the water would not splash the rest of the room, and wide enough for two people to stand comfortably. He stood with his back to the shower, warming himself under the massaging pressure. Lana walked around the corner, completely naked and such a stunning specimen to behold. She placed her hands on his hips, hugging her buxom chest to his and enjoying the feeling of his wet skin. Her own was so soft and silky on his body, so delicious and firm though it still conformed to his body when she hugged tighter.

She stared into his tired eyes and smiled, reaching up for another kiss while cupping his cheeks. With his mouth preoccupied, their eyes closed beneath the relentless flow of steaming water, he squeezed her buttocks and she rubbed his back. She clawed gently at his flesh, scraping red lines that grew faint with the heat. She rinsed her fingers and continued down to his buttocks, squeezing it with a giggle between moist kisses. He smiled back, kissing her slightly more passionately, but she remained focused on scrubbing him and soon pulled away to rub his arms. He watched her with deep esteem. Her dedication to making him happy, he believed was something of great admiration. He often felt that he did not deserve her, and her actions always made him strive to reciprocate her devotion.

He cupped her face and stole a kiss with his hands on her hips, before she bent down to rub his legs. One at a time, she worked down his thighs and knees to his feet. She kneeled upright and took hold of his semi-erect penis, but she did not linger. He groaned while she rubbed it, up and down and up and down. She pulled his foreskin back, jealously watching the cascading water lick his member clean, and then she stood up.

She had not been sexual, as requested, but he was still a satyromaniac. He hugged her close, bulging her breasts against his chest and sandwiching his stiffening penis between their stomachs. He clamped his mouth on hers and she let him. He tongued her deeply and she did not resist, but neither did she encourage him. When he finally pulled away for a breath. They kept their eyes closed and he pressed his forehead to hers.

They stood there in silence and heavy breaths, steaming rolling around them while they blocked out the sound of the rushing water, holding each other’s faces.


Part 5

The thing about intimacy is that it is not always sexual. Sometimes it is simply holding the person you care about, and enjoying their touch. He turned her around suddenly, brought his arms under hers, and he squeezed her breasts while hugging her back against his chest. He rested his chin on her right shoulder and noticed the sensation of her wet hair contacting his skin. She breathed a heavy sigh and rested her hands on his, pulling his arms close and shutting her eyes. He took a step back so that they were both still under the heat of the water, and they just stood there.

“I love you, Lana.”

“And I love you, Dante.”

Part of her wanted him to take her, right here, from behind. His penis was rubbing down the middle of her cheeks and she was getting wet… the other kind of wet. Yet she knew that he would be displeased if she seduced him now. He said he was not in the mood for sex, and to be honest the other part of her felt the same way. Their bodies pressed together, his breath in her ear, her body in his arms. It was nice.

She tensed her arms until he let go, and she turned around to face him. She bent her elbows, lifted her relaxed fists to his chest, and she squashed her breasts together while leaning into his body. He wrapped his arms around her again, this time resting her head below his chin, and he stroked her wet hair while they stepped slowly onto one foot and then the other. She smiled, slow-dancing with his heartbeat like a drum in her ear and the water a backup melody. She snuggled into him even more and they cuddled tighter.

He kissed her head and she lifted it, craning her neck for a kiss on the lips. She relaxed her arms, nestled in his biceps, and her tongue licked at the damp air until she found his. Their bodies danced, their tongues tangled, and then he leaned down for a delicate kiss. She pushed up harder and he let her turn the kiss into a passionate one, full of heaving chests and flaring nostrils. Their tongues swirled over each other and they filled the room with clicks and hums of satisfaction.

He grabbed her hair with both hands, forming it all into a ponytail, and he kissed her harshly while tugging her head back. His lips moved to her cheek, her chin, underneath it and down her neck. He buried his face in the crook of her neck, hugging her gentler now, and they stood still for a while longer.

Finally, she began kissing his cheek, and worked her lips towards his ear. She spoke softly, but loud enough to be heard over the shower.

“Sir, whenever you are ready, we can get out and dry you off.” He hugged her tightly, not wanting this moment to end.

“Thank you. I would like to stay here for a moment longer, though.”

“Of course, Sir.”


Part 6

The shower blasted, then poured, then trickled to a drip and a stop. Lana had already left the cubicle to grab a towel from the rail. He turned the corner to see that she had already wrapped one around her body, covering up all the way to under her arms. He would not deny that the covering of her breasts was displeasing, but he knew that it was to keep her warm, so he said nothing.

"Sir, I know you are more than capable of drying yourself, but you are tired. Please let me do it all for you, Sir."

“I appreciate the thought, Lana.” He stood still and she held his towel in both hands. She began with his hair, but he grabbed her wrists. “On second thought, I would like to do this bit, please.”

“Yes, Sir.” He made quick work of it, since his hair was considerably short, and in only in a few moments he handed the towel back to her.

“Please continue.” She started on his back, standing behind him and wiping firmly yet not too roughly. Then his chest, followed by his arms. She hung it over his penis and gave one quick pull, knowing that she did not need to be gentle with him. He closed his eyes and breathed his lust away, and she looked up at him to make sure he was okay. She rubbed his legs and dried his rear, and then she stood to dry herself.

She pulled her towel apart and held it over her breasts.

"Sir, you said nothing sexual,” she responded to his approaching hands. “My body usually arouses you too much to resist, when you dry me, Sir. Please, let me do it, Sir. Might I even suggest not watching, Sir?"

"That is probably best."

"I will get the oil, Sir, if you would please make yourself comfortable in the bedroom. I will meet you in there once my lingerie is back on."


Part 7

He had considered laying on his back, so that he would see her in her lingerie when she entered. The heat of the shower had exacerbated his exhaustion and he decided against it. A huge towel had already been cast over the sheets, so he got a knee up onto the bed and collapsed on his front. He turned his head away from the door and his mind stayed on his penis until it shrunk. There was the sound of clacking heels, then the door opened and closed.

He could hear her heels drop to the carpet, then the sound of oil sloshing inside a bottle. He felt the mattress dent under her weight, and she clambered over his legs to slide just below his buttocks. He was still completely naked, and could feel the rubbing of her panties and stockings on the backs of his legs.

She said nothing while the bottle sloshed again, the cap clicked shut, and her hands made a slick sound when she rubbed them together fast. Her warm hands flattened on his lower back and she pushed downwards as well as forwards, travelling up his spine towards his heart. He groaned long and hard, half sighing at the wonderful pressure,

“...‘der, please.”

“Pardon, Sir?” he felt her lean forwards.

“Harder, please,” he spoke up. She did not want to crush him, but increased the *** that she exerted on his back. The bottle sploshed again and she spread her fingers. She coated his entire back in a layer of oil, not worrying to spill any on the towel, and soon she was pressing firmly along his sides. He could feel his skin rippling under her fingertips. The pressure was sublime.

“Is that okay, Sir?”

“Absolutely. Do not stop.”

“Not at all, Sir.”

She manipulated his arms down by his sides, swinging them wide and bringing them back in to relax his muscles. He was definitely relaxed. It was a pleasant sensation to have his hands held, her own fingers warm and slathered in oil while she massaged each finger as well as his palms and the backs of his hands. She really was massaging his entire body, and his legs were next. She bore most of her weight directly down, then began shuffling down his legs while her hands followed. She was careful to not tickle his feet, but got every toe feeling as soft as his soles. Her weight disappeared completely, but reappeared above his head. He did not move at all, his lack of energy mixed with his trance-like state. She worked his shoulders, drawing into his neck with her thumbs practically drilling the tension from his muscles.

“Would you please turn over, Sir?”


Part 8

She got off the bed while he slowly rotated his body, looking down his chest at her magnificent figure. She came around to the side of the bed and cupped his chin, tilting his head back to a comfortable position.

“Sir, you need to relax.”

“I was just admiring your body.”

“If you would like to do that, Sir, I will happily put on a show for you once I am done massaging you.”

“Indeed, please carry on.”

He stared at the ceiling for a while before closing his eyes, focusing on the sensations of her fingers expertly rubbing his skin. She kneaded the tension from his legs, rubbed her thumbs into his pelvis, and licked her lips at the sight of his rock-solid penis while he was not looking.

“Is everything okay, Lana?”

She realised she had stopped massaging him, “Yes, Sir. I was just admiring your body.”

They both chortled and she continued her efforts over his abdomen. Her thumbs were beginning to ache, she knew she would have to stop soon, but she made sure to complete what she was doing. By the time she had finished grinding the base of her palms over his chest, she decided she was done. “Are you satisfied with my efforts, Sir?”

“I am very satisfied. I would like you to lay on me, but I do not want you getting your lingerie covered in oil. Would you please put on that performance that you suggested?”

“Of course, Sir.”

He sluggishly sat up, bunching the pillows behind his back and adjusting the towel over them to block them from his slippery skin. She got off the bed and stood by the window, turning on a speaker and setting some mood music to play. She stared at him with a sensual expression on her face, running her hands slowly up her hips and over her breasts. His erection had fluctuated during the massage, but now it was on a constant rise.

She outlined her curves with delicate fingertips, rising up to lift her hair above her head while swaying her hips. She lowered her arms and her hair fell messily over her shoulders. She unhooked her stockings from the suspender belt and bunched them to her ankles to step out of them. She unwrapped the belt from her waist, turned sideways and stuck her backside out while inching her panties down her legs. She stood up, swinging her hips rhythmically round to face him again, and she lowered her head slightly without breaking eye contact. She parted her lips, her hands behind her back, and her bra slipped down her shoulders. She held the cups of her bra and stepped forwards, turned away, and sat on the edge of the bed.

She looked over her shoulder at him, the sensual expression mixing with lust, and she kept her bra to her chest while she shuffled backwards between his legs. She hoisted herself up his chest until his penis was between her legs, then grabbed it hard and pulled it forwards. His body was shiny with oil and she glided back down until her labia was grinding on the top of his shaft. In time with the fading music, she hung her bra from one finger, raising it into the air for him to admire, and then she tossed it and tilted her head back to smile at him lustfully.

“I think you enjoyed that, Sir.”

“I think I did too,” he held the sides of her face and reached down for an upside-down kiss.


Part 9

Her hand rose to hold his cheek while he kissed her, and slowly they pulled out of it. She lowered her head to look forward and he hugged her closer, groaning at his stiffened penis between her clamped legs.

“Naughty girl. I know what you are doing.”

“What would that be, Sir?”

“Do not play dumb with me. You are hugging my penis with your legs.”

“Do you want me to stop, Sir?”

“Not at all. I will just have to hug your neck in return.”

“If that is what you wish, Si-” his elbow hooked under her chin and he pulled on his wrist. Her reaction was to squeeze her breasts, knowing he had a fantastic view down her chest. Her lips parted and she made that wonderful sound of someone struggling to breath. He watched her fingers loosen on her breasts and he loosened his own grip.

“Are you okay, Lana?”

“Yes, Sir. Please give me a moment to get my breath back, but I would like you to do that again, Sir.”

“Let me know when you are ready.”

“Sir, you will know when I am ready.”

While he waited patiently, he rested his head beside hers and kissed her cheek. When she took hold of his penis in her right hand, and squeezed her breast with her left, he knew she was ready. She began rubbing up and down, but as his head-lock tightened around her neck, so did her grip tighten on his head. She clawed at her breast, loving the sensation of his arm labouring her breathing. It was always an honour to her, to have not just her freedom taken away, but also her ability to breathe. She had no intention of suffocating, but the thrill gave her a high that made her head spin. She clutched his penis and strained it, and he began to grunt at the pleasure. She squeaked for air, the sound of her of struggle enhancing his own pleasure, and then she tapped his arm. He released her immediately, but she refused to let go of his member. He ***d her head back and tongued her deeply while her nostrils huffed for oxygen, and she stretched her arm to keep pumping him. He moaned loudly and pulled out of the kiss, growling while ejaculating all over the towel and her legs.

He still had her hair in his fist, still holding her head back, and she had watched him groaning his satisfaction.

She closed her eyes again, “Please,” for another ***ful kiss, “*** me,” and she begged between tonguings “again, Sir.” He pulled on his wrist, she pulled even tighter on his wrist, and before her eyes got too heavy she started wiping his semen from her legs, stomach and clitoris into her mouth.

Finally, she tapped out, and he released her.


I thought about what I said at the start of part one, how there would be no steamy sex scene, and it made me consider deleting everything I wrote in this part. I was going to go back to what I originally planned, for her to simply lay on her front on top of him and play idly with his chest while they enjoyed an intimate silence. Instead, I decided to leave this scene as it was, as proof that my stories are somewhat organic. When I started writing this story, with an idea in mind, I truly did intend for there to be no sexual activity. It would only be intimate. Instead, as the story evolved, my characters naturally did whatever they did, and I just brought it to life. With an image of Lana in my mind, I became aroused while writing, and I let the story take its own course. I hope that I did not ruin the intimate atmosphere or the message I tried to portray.


Really enjoyed gaining a better understanding of how you think, which also displays what you want.

Great writing as always DanteReign!

Please let me know where you’re posting future stories.😘

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On 3/15/2020 at 8:10 AM, Tigress said:

Really enjoyed gaining a better understanding of how you think, which also displays what you want.

Great writing as always DanteReign!

Please let me know where you’re posting future stories.😘

This is for everyone to hear; I am not allowed to publicly say where I post, but I have few been told by the moderators that an individual private chat with someone is no issue. 

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On 3/15/2020 at 8:10 AM, Tigress said:

Please let me know where you’re posting future stories

You need only check me out online.

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