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Mouths 👄

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I love kissing, all sorts, tender kisses, passionate ones, short and long ones!! 

I love exploring Sirs body with my tongue and the feel of his on mine .

I love the anticipation of a kiss and Sir will play on this and make me wait. 

I love how a kiss after punishment is sweeter than the sweetest candy 🍬🍫🍭


I agree kissing a lovely mouth is very pleasurable and an integral part of erotic sex. Whether it’s passionate during kinky play or sensual as a reward when you’ve been a good girl and satisfied my carnal needs. 

Body kissing is lovely too, the nape of a neck, breasts nipples, mound of Venus, cock, balls etc.   

I love opening a woman’s thighs and kissing and sucking her labia and clit.  Making her cum at will with your tongue when she is fully restrained. 

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