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Consensual “no”

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Trigger Warning: elements of *** 




For many years in my vanilla life I would fantasise about being persuaded  to do something 

The strength and power of a man over me, on top of me, making me feel small weak and *** is a feeling I craved.

The urgency of him to get what he wants/ needs regardless of the consequences filled me with intrigue and desire. 

The setting is completely varied, an alley, a quiet car park late at night, a remote field, maybe the person has broken into my home and caught me whilst I’m sleeping. 

My vanilla self always planned to submit, not to fight but allow him to take what he came for. 

However my submissive, newer self likes the fight/ the struggle/ the *** of trying to get away. The anger and insistence  that provokes is a massive turn on. 

Now that scene just keeps I replaying in my head and I find myself again immobilised by kink. 


I have that same kink exactly. I love saying no and being either ignored or punished. Just the idea that he will do whatever he wants, regardless of my struggles and/or pleas, is the complete surrender of control that drives me crazy.

One necessity (for me, at least) is honest and open communication before and after engaging in that kind of play. But I've found, in my current Dom, the confusing combination of trust, security, and that out-of-control, in-the-moment terror that allows me to just let go. It is an amazing feeling, and one I highly recommend.

What I can't stress enough, however, if you haven't done play like this before anywhere but in your own imagination, are these two points.

1) Find someone you can trust; someone who you know without a shadow of a doubt cares about you before, during, and after play. The illusion of *** is easy to achieve and much safer than a random encounter that could turn ugly fast. Finding a good actor is also a plus haha

2) Start slow and escalate. When I started out, a lot of things seemed amazing in my head, and a lot of them remained amazing in reality. But I was lucky enough to find a Dom that had years of experience in this kind of stuff and eased me into it seamlessly. And, comparing these current experiences with past sexual partners, it is vastly superior in every way. 

To anyone who may be reading this that is considering fight and *** play , please. Be safe. Take it from someone who put herself in horrible situations and made detrimental mistakes due to lack of experience and misplaced trust; find the right partner.


I also find this ridiculously hot 


Great topic Firewitch.

Coerced and ***d play are very, very hot and fun types of play. As a Dominant individual although I do adore a submissive who submits to my will, I also find it an incredible turn-on to have a submissive who also wants to experience the ***, *** and roughness of ***d and coercive play.

Many submissives crave having their choices taken away ***fully and being given no choice but to be ***d into their surrender and become a Dominants fuck toy or piece of meat to use and *** as they see fit. That feeling of *** and terror that a sub experiences when they know they are going to be ***d to do something no matter how much you struggle or resist is an incredible high for a Dominant such as myself and certainly brings out the more growling and ***istic side of my nature. 

As Shinare rightly pointed out, having a strong bond of trust is key to this type of play, as for some the fantasy and the reality can be jarringly different things to experience. NEVER use a gag in this situation as it will prevent any use of safe words when/if they are needed and in a ***d or coerced situation these safe words are vital both for the Dom and sub to remain safe. NEVER attempt this with anyone who you do not share a loving and caring relationship with, otherwise you are opening yourself up for some extreme *** and potential damage.


Great advice, thank you friends. As always it’s nice to know thoughts and fantasies are shared as it verifies them in some ways. I am certainly enjoying this play although we are both conscious not to rush......


I had never realised that this was one Kink Id never even thought of. Until that is until my Mistress of the time slammed me into the wall with her forearm. She held me there and suddenly I found new excitement in being controlled. We were at the time in a great play club and I was about to be strung up by Mistress and she was to allow a newbie to flog me. It was all exciting and after being humiliated by two women and beaten *** and with total control over my body.

It was when we got home and we talked that I released my new kink. M decided that she would work some more on this. Next time at the club she pushed me in the cell, a frightening place with hard black rubber walls, the floor rubber and with a drain in the middle. There were hooks and bars and many bondage items. It was dark when I was pushed inside. I knew better than to make a sound, knelt where I fell and waited dressed in a thong and a shirt. I heard noise from in front of me, we were not alone!  Suddenly I felt M grab me and then someone else took hold of my testicles, squeezing. The lights came up dimly and I could see another woman gripping me. I was pushed to the floor and stood on. I am of large body and testicles but with a small penis when flacid.

M started by telling me what a worthless shit I was she kicked me teasing with her power. They let me up and now the two of them played with me. First they tied my hands behind my back and then pushed my to each other, slapping at me, slamming forearms into me. They slapped me really hard making me scream and pinched my large nipples and pulled them away from my body pushing me off balance whilst holding on tight to the poor nipple. I was kneed and kicked slapped punched and firmly put in my place. I knew I was theirs the only thing to free me a safeword. I didn't want to utter. 

 I was on my back and long ago they had ripped off my clothes. The stranger had my nuts again squeezing till I screamed. Then she discovered my little dick and started to laugh at me. Again insulting me and laughing, she now took my penis in her mouth, sucking so hard and biting as I started to swell. She used my  cock like a small child will use a lollipop. sometimes sucking as if to pull my insides out of the uretha, sometimes biting and grinding her teeth forgetting this was a piece of soft human flesh not a hard piece of candy.

The two of them delighted in making me groan or scream. Im not sure how long they used me I know I had a crotch ***d into my mouth trying hard to make the owner orgasm. Then I was made to drink her full bladder of piss, I was peed on and they had plugged the drain so there was a pool of urine. Shallow but deep enough for their purpose, both of them holding my head and forcing my airways under the piss. Eventually they pulled out a high pressure hose and enjoyed slamming my body back and forth into the walls using the water power.

The first of many nights when I was used and ***d, Made to walk the gauntlet of men and women beating me. Often with chain round my testicles dragging a heavy engine part behind me. Sometimes this was transfered to cords tied round my nipples, the piercings helping them to stay attatched. My life was taken over and I loved every minute of it, even when I had tears sewn up by M with a household needle and cotton.

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