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Hi, I've just come across this site and am intrigued. For years I have been interested in bdsm but have never indulged primarily because I have no idea how to go about it. Can anyone advise me, I am open to any suggestions, a blank canvas 


the kinda problem with being, well, blank... is that there are so many facets to kink that someone leading you one way or another isn't necessarily for you.  It's too ambiguous.


First off - this website does have some good resources, click on the 'magazine' section under forum and read away.

But next off - what has interested you in BDSM?  There must be something that made you interested even if you didn't know how to act on it.   If the articles above don't tick your interest, a few further web searches around what you're interested in.

As great as the online world is, the real world is invaluable.  I'm sure there are some people met partners online, but most interactions happens, well, in real life.  You area I'm not as familiar with, but, finding local munches (they're social events) and fetish parties can introduce you to a lot of new people and ideas.

Just, well, don't expect things to happen immediately.  BDSM relies on trust. I'm not saying you can't be trusted, but you do effectively need to prove you're the type of person people want to indulge with

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