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Introduction to anal preparation


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Several people, advocating shower attachments, but my understanding here is that the *** if water can be damaging and gravity us best? Also be aware of causing an imbalance of body salts and other problems if you repeat to frequently. 

December 4, 2021, Deleted profile said:
No *** no gain ! Just pleasure ! After you learn how to cum with anal sex never will
Have other choice

Can guys also experience that?

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Thank you for the information so far it’s something I’m experimenting with right now and all the info is very helpful.
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Another thing, to aid a woman in relaxing make sure she has a couple orgasms first. Play with the anus, massage it while going down on her and/or in doggy style. You’ll know when she’s relaxed as her anus will start puckering and begin to open up some.
Use a good amount of spit and insert your thumb and see how she reacts. You can generally tell if she’s ready for your penis.
Remember to communicate your intent, lube her anus well. Remember if she’s not ready, she’s not relaxed!!!
Start with just inserting just past her anus, she will tense up before insertion especially if it’s her first time. Now wait for her to relax once again and ask when/if she’s ready. Start slow but do not insert all the way only a little more at a time, again ask how there doing and if they wish to continue. Larger penises will push past the second sphincter muscle which will also need to be done slowly. Again ask!!!
Once inserted to the point they can withstand, ask or let them know you’re going to increase your speed. Don’t start pounding away, increase slowly and continue to ask how they’re doing. Only go as fast and as deep as they can handle!!!!

Years as an anal trainer has given me a bit of knowledge and I pass it on to you all.

Have fun and enjoy.

Oh, positioning plays a big part as well in aiding in their relaxation and diminishes *** if in the right position. Have them lay on their stomach with a pillow propping their stomach/waist up or kneeling but their body raised, palms against the wall or headboard.
On 12/31/2020 at 5:25 PM, Lace7 said:

Never received (Straight guy), but have had many partners enjoy or even prefer it.

All good advice, but I question the notion that a straight guy can't indulge and enjoy anal penetration of himself. This seems to imply that if a guy enjoys anal play, then he must be gay. NOT SO! Far from it, the anus is an erogenous zone for *everyone*. Anyone who denies them self the opportunity to explore is seriously missing out. I am dominant, and straight, but allowing (or requiring) a girl to explore and titivate my anus is intensely erotic, as she discovers once she has finished playing. 


It took me years to work up to fisting. I also still need an anal toy in there for a bit to get me open, stretched and relaxed. Now, it's something I absolutely love. And yes, I am a straight male. No interest in men at all.

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