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Discovering my wife is a submissive: Part 4, the bench


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[As with earlier parts, best read in order, if you haven’t read the previous parts. Have to admit, writing these and reliving this weekend has been fun!]

She was very quiet on the walk back to the hotel, but I noticed her smiling to herself several times, as she relived our public adventures. It never ceases to amaze me that things that my wife would never in a million years imagine that she would do, yet once I *** her to do them, become big turn-ons for her...which only leads to more and more adventurous fantasies.

When we returned to the room in the hotel, I lit the fireplace and then briefly stepped out onto the balcony to look at the gorgeous view overlooking the harbor. I was surprised she didn’t step outside with me, so walked back into the room, only to find that in the brief minute I was outside, she had stripped back down to her corset, put her hair up, and was kneeling/sitting on her feet, legs spread wide open, hands on her knees. And as I walked in, without looking at me, announced “I am ready for you to inspect me, sir.”

”And without being told. Someone is a little impatient, isn’t she?” “Yes, sir,” she quickly replied.

I knelt in front of her and put my hand on her pussy, rubbing it gently, enjoying how wet she was and feeling her body tense and shudder from the feel of my touch. I leaned in to her face and gently kissed her. She lurched forward to meet my kiss, very aggressively, and I pulled away from her. “Let’s not me too impatient,“ I told her.

”I will need some time to set up my surprise for you. I want you to go take a long, hot shower to relax a bit. And you’ve been very wet all day. I want your pussy nice and clean for me now.” Without a word, she got to her feet and headed toward the bathroom. “Wait,” I said and walked to one of my bags, from which I pulled out a length of red rope. ”You know what to do with this. And make it tight. This is all you will be wearing when you come back, understood?“ “Yes, sir,” she obediently replied, took the rope from my hand, and disappeared into the bathroom.

I have bound my wife‘s tits with rope many times, something we both enjoy a great deal. But over the past year, my wife has discovered that she enjoys some self *** and is greatly turned on by it. She has taken to sending me pictures of her handiwork whenever I am out of town. Pictures of various self bondage rope ties she has found online, of her wearing her favorite leather mask, with a ball gag in her mouth, and heavily weighted nipple clamps. And since I knew I’d need a little time to set up what I had in mind, I wanted her to take the extra time to for her to concentrate on some self breast bondage.

I pulled one of the suitcases over near the fireplace and got to work putting together the Banging Bench Sex Stool that I had bought for this weekend (note, if you don’t know what that is, look here, as it’s hard to describe without a visual...https://www.extremerestraints.com/extreme-sex-stool.html), but it is a metal stool with two sturdy, yet very bouncy straps to sit on, but keeps her pussy and ass exposed and has a metal flat bar that you can attach a suction-cup dildo to).

Once it was assembled, I went back to the suitcase, smiling to myself as I pulled out the rather large double dildo from the bag and suctioned it onto the beach, ensuring it was firmly in place. It was considerably larger than I thought it was when I’d ordered it online, both the dildo for her pussy and the one for her ass. But if ever there would be a time for her to be turned on enough to take these, it was now.

I set a small bottle of lube next to the bench and then sat back and waited for her. As she emerged from the bathroom, I took pleasure in seeing her breasts, tied very tightly, jutting out, and already beginning to turn a bit purple from lack of *** flow. I knew that this made her nipples far more sensitive than usual, and I could hardly wait to exploit that.

She stopped in her tracks when she saw the dildo, and said, “Wow, that is BIG!’’ I smiled as I approached her, gave her a quick kiss, and said, “Yes, it is. It might take you a bit of time to relax enough to take all of that in. But I am going to take a shower. When I am done and come back, you will have taken it all in and be sitting on this, patiently waiting for me, understood?“ A sigh, followed by “Yes, sir,“ was her response. And with that, I went to take a long, hot shower myself, knowing that she would be the one that now needed a little extra time.

When I came out of the bathroom, I was pleased to see her sitting and waiting, as instructed. I went to my suitcase and grabbed a small bag, in which I’d placed everything I would need. I walked up behind her, grabbed an open-mouthed hood out of the bag, and placed it over her head, so she would be unable to see anything. I then pulled out a rope and cuffs, pulled her arms behind her, tied her arms together at the elbow, and cuffed her wrists together.

”I see you were able to take both of those, despite how big they were?“, I asked her. “Yes, sir”

”And was it difficult?, I asked. ‘Yes, sir”

“And now that they are in, how do they feel?” “Really good sir”

”Is it too much for you?” “No, sir”

I pulled a chair up right in front of her and sat down. I began gently running my hands around her tits, enjoying the feel how how hard the ropes made them, and enjoying her soft moans and sighs as my fingers caressed her nipples. I looked down to enjoy the sight of that big dildo stretching out her pussy, and was excited to see that she was so wet that her juice had dripped down the base of the fake cock and pooled around the suction cup.

I leaned back in my chair and said, “You fantasize about DP a great deal, don’t you?, I asked her. ”Yes, sir.”

“Why?,“ I asked sternly. “Because I like feeling like I am filled up with cock, sir”

”And what kind of girl enjoys that?“ “A dirty slut, sir.”

”A FILTHY, dirty slut.“ “Yes, sir”

”The kind of slut that needs to pleasure herself and be punished at the same time.” “Yes, sir.”

I stood up, pushed the chair away, and pulled from my bag a riding crop. I smacked the side of one tit with the crop, and then the other. She winced in ***, but at the same time, began slowly gyrating her hips forward and back, gently fucking the fake cocks stretching her pussy and asshole. My already hard cock throbbed at the sound her soaking wet pussy made as it slowly slide in and out of her.

”Fucks those big cocks harder,” I demanded as I smacked her with the crop again, this time landing a direct blow on her stiff nipple. Her hips began rocking harder now. “Harder!,’ I gritted through my teeth as the crop dealt a blow to the other nipple. Her head rocked back now, and she began to moan, a low guttural moan, as she rocked her hips harder and harder.

Another hard smack to each nipple. “I don’t want to see you rock on that thing. I want to see you fuck it like the filthy slut you are!’” Another hard smack to each tit. She shifted her feet under her so that she could use her legs to raise herself up. She raised herself an inch or so and then settled back down, the dildos plunging deep into her asshole and pussy.

Another smack to her nipple, even harder this time. “That‘s just playing with them. I want you to fuck those cocks, now! I want to see you take them in and out of you completely!”

Another blow from the crop landed, followed by an ***istic noise deep from her throat. She began fucking the dildos harder. Raising herself up and then dropping to impale herself on the huge cocks. Smack, another blow. Each time she raised herself up, she raised a little higher. Soon a couple of inches. Smack! “Harder!“ I demanded. A couple of inches higher. Smack. “Harder, you dirty little slut! I want to see you fuck those cocks!“ An inch higher. Smack. Finally, she was raising high enough that she was nearly pulling them out of herself completely, before plunging down on them, each plunge causing the sloppy wet sound from her pussy and the moans, which had now almost become a grunting noise, from deep within her that pleased me so much. I closed my eyes for a minute, just soaking in the sounds and feeling almost light headed and *** by them.

”Okay, STOP!“, I told her. She stopped bouncing and sat there, breathing as heavily as if she’d just finished a marathon, yet unable to sit completely still and returning to slowly rocking her hips forward and back.

”Take a minute and catch your breath.“ While she was recuperating, I slowly walked circles around her. Keeping her wondering what was coming next, but in reality, I just wanted to walk around her to enjoy the view of those two big rubber cocks deep in her pussy and ass. And to take the moment to grab from my bag what I needed next.

”After several minutes, her breath returned to a somewhat normal pace. “You said you like feeling like you are filled up with cock, but you aren‘t quite filled up yet, are you?” ‘No, sir.”

”And we need to take care of that, if you want to really feel like a filthy slut and totally filled up with cock, don’t we?” ”Yes, sir.”

And with that, I put my fingers in her mouth to open it, and slipped a spider ring gag into her mouth, wrapped the straps around her head, and pulled the clasp tight.

”How I like it...I will wait,” I stated calmly. Obediently, she started moving her tongue around in her mouth, collecting her drool, and pushing it out of her mouth. Small drips at first, which fell onto her tits, and then more, until there was soon a string of drool hanging from her mouth to her tits, while drool continued to spill from her mouth.

”That’s it. Now you are ready to take me in your mouth and really feel filled up with cock in every one of your slutty little fuckholes,” “Yes, sir,” she attempted to say through the gag.

I slowly slid just the tip inside her mouth. She desperately swirled her tongue around the head and tried to lurch her head forward to take all of me in her mouth. I grabbed her head and pulled her away.

“NO,” I said angrily, removing myself from her mouth. ”You will not move your head. You’re going to keep your head perfectly still, and I’m going to fuck that hot little mouth of yours. And you are going to rock your hips on those cocks in your pussy and ass at the same pace and intensity as I am fucking your face.“


“Do you not hear me or not understand me?“, I asked firmly. “Yes, sir”

”That‘s better,“ I said, as I grabbed her head with both hands and slid myself back into her mouth. I started fucking her face, slowly at first, and then slowly picking up the pace, ensuring her hips were swaying in tune to mine. The wet sound of the dildo in her pussy began to distract me, and I had to concentrate harder on ensuring she was keeping the same pace to avoid her soft, wet, messy mouth from pushing me too far. I soon regained my composure and began thrusting harder, while roughly pulling her head onto me. Faster and faster, deeper and deeper, being sure to not go too deep too soon, setting off her gag reflex, until she’d had a chance to adjust and relax.

Her moans, coupled with the slurping of her mouth, returned and soon raised in intensity as my speed and depth increased. Soon, I was pounding into her face as fast as I could, and she rocked her hips and ground herself onto the dildos. “NOW you feel filled up with cock, don‘t you?“ an even louder moan was her only response. “You love the idea of taking on three cocks and being used like a whore, don’t you?” An even louder moan in reply. “That’s right, take these cocks like a fucking dirty little slut,” I grunted as I grabbed her head even tighter and shoved myself all the way into her mouth and held it there. Even though I had stopped, she continued to violently grind her hips into the cocks deep inside her. I grabbed her head even tighter and pulled her face into me, driving every last inch of me into her throat. She held it for a second before gagging, and when she did, I pulled my cock from her mouth, a huge pool of drool sliding out of her mouth with it.

I stood hovering over her, removed the gag and her hood, and then pulled her head back and bent down so my face was just inches from hers. “You’ve had quite a day, haven’t you?” ”Yes, sir,” she said, still panting heavily and out of breath.

”Do you think you‘ve earned having me fuck you? “Yes, sir.”

”Beg me,” I demanded. “Please sir.’

”Please what?”

”PLEASE, fuck me sir”

”Fuck you how?”

”Fuck me like a dirty slut and let me cum all over your cock, sir, PLEASE!”

I walked behind her and untied her arms and releases her wrists from the cuffs, I then walked in front of her and helped her stand up, enjoying the juices that dripped heavily from her pussy as she was lifted from the dildos.

”Grab your ropes and get your ass on the bed, now, before I change my mind.”

Wanna read about the crescendo? If interested, comment below.

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