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Is this my future? Part one.


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She had known what she wanted for a long time. She had been talking with him for a while. He had her acquire many things along the way. She looked at herself in the mirror. 36B-24-34 and all of 5 foot 4 inches. Brunette hair that hung down just past her shoulders. She saw someone completely different in that mirror. Usually she was the shy, mousy type with glasses and her hair in a bun. Not tonight. Now she wore a black dress. Slightly above the knee, significant v in the front, and another in the back. She had been told she could wear makeup , the dress and the six inch heels. Nothing more. She saw a very attractive young lady, not what she was used to. She was finally ready to go meet him.
He was waiting at the bar. As she got close he stood up. Nearly six feet tall, he still stood above her in these heels. He took her hand and leaned forward to give her a kiss on the cheek, then pulled her close for a hug. As he did his other hand found the bottom of the v in the back of her dress and pulled slightly out. She knew he was taking a look. The action was very quick. As he pulled back he told her she was a good girl. He had told her he would check. Now as she sat here in public, she could feel the heat in herself. She was naked under the dress, just as she had been told. Even though nobody likely even noticed what happened, it made her feel even more exposed. It was a delicious feeling.
They sat down and had drinks, one for him. Two for her. She had been told she could not get drunk. After that they went for a walk. Finally they got to her place. She opened the door and they both came in. She started to turn around when she felt a strong hand grab her hair at the base of her neck and felt herself pulled close to him. She was startled by the action and had let out a noise.
His other hand was at her side, and he asked her if she was ok. She said yes. He then asked if she remembered her safe word, and she said yes again. She felt the hand brush lightly against her as it moved up and towards the center of her back. She felt and heard as he unzipped her dress. She was told to step out of her shoes, which she did. As she did, her dress was slid off her shoulders and down to the ground. After a second, heart pounding, she realized she was standing naked in front of him.
She started to cover herself, only to have him smack her hands.... She was told that she wasn't allowed to cover herself without his permission, or to hide herself from him in any way. The grip on her hair had changed from one that was gentle and strong, to one that was hard and authoritative. She felt more heat flooding through her body.
What had she set herself up for, and what would happen to her tonight?

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