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My Day Started Bad Part 3


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He moved to her side placing a hand on her bottom. He asked her if they should continue, to which she could only nod. She knew her voice would completely betray her. She had in seconds turned into a bundle of desire and lust. A need for *** and pleasure combined. His voice was soft and questioning, but always had a hint of demand in it. He wasn't really asking and she knew it. The willingness to give up control was still there, along with the hope that someone would take it. His hand slid down her ass, between her legs, and found her wetness. His fingers started to move around, exploring. His other hand came to her shoulder, and pulled her upright. He started to unbutton her shirt from the bottom. Slowly he worked his way up, his other hand increasing her sexual need rapidly. He got to the top and took her shirt off her shoulders, along with a nice inspection of her breasts and nipples, driving her much deeper into need.
He removed her shirt completely, stood beside her, pressing against her. Fondling her pussy and breasts, his lips on her neck. Her hands came up and wrapped around him. She was completely ready for him to use every hole available. His hands came up to her arms and captured them he moved her to the bottom of the bed, where she had a pair of wrist cuffs attached to the bed. He put her wrists in them and shut them well. She had lost her panties in the move and now she was shackled to the bed. He moved over to her dresser and picked up a pair of clothespins. He put them on her breasts, but not using the big hole, but the smaller one. The *** was intense, and exhilarating, causing her more need. He moved away again coming back with a flogger. He started with laying it on each shoulder, so she could feel it's weight and smell the leather. Then he started to use it all over. She lost herself in the enjoyment of it. He kept going until she lost track of time.
He stopped with the flogger. She saw him place it on the bed. His hands started to massage her all over. The *** became even more sensual, nearly driving her crazy. She heard a noise, then saw him step over her arms and sit on the bed. Suddenly her eyes were completely mesmerized. He had removed his pants and now she saw exactly what she wanted, needed. A long, hard, thick cock and a nice set of full balls, eager to empty themselves. Even better, she was completely willing and available. One hand reached into her hair and guided her forward. She took him deeply, all the way to the back of her mouth.
Back and forth she went, using her tongue and all of her skill. Her eyes closed as she enjoyed the feeling and taste of him in her mouth. Then, as she got close to the end of her stroke, she felt the flogger hit her ass, right in the middle, so she felt it land on her asshole and her pussy. The *** was unexpected, but wonderful. Her body had a natural reaction, trying to escape the ***, causing her to drive forward, taking him to the base. She went back, and as she went forward again he struck her exactly the same. This time she growled, and tried even harder. He kept her going like that for several minutes, making her hope he would fill her mouth.
Finally he pulled out of her mouth. She wondered at his self control, because she knew how to give a blowjob. He got up stood beside her. Then he pulled on the clothespins, causing her to squeel some. Then he started smacking her pussy hard with the flogger. Not slow and steady, but hard and fast. It was an intense moment. She heard herself almost scream the word please. He asked her please what, as he paused. She didn't have time to think, it just immediately came out of her mouth.....please fuck me now!!!!

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