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Birthday surprise


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It was a hot and sticky summer eve , she was excited as she'd never done this before.
He'd be there early she knew that , to set things up .
She waited patiently knowing he would want to the drinks , it was hot sitting in the car with this and the anticipation she was damp already.
From no where sir strode into view opening the car door holding out his hand "morning kitten , are you ready ?"
"Yes sir" she replied surprised how easily that slipped from her tongue.
Taking her hand leading her down the trail into the woods .
"I've booked us a table for later " he said .
We walked for what seemed like ages " stop...and turn around you must go blindfolded from here "
We continued on sir leading me for a while until we suddenly stopped. I could feel the sun and breeze on my face it was a nice warm day .
"Take off your clothes everything except the blind fold "
Nervous now but hesitantly I did as I was commanded.
"Turn around and sit "
It was warm and hard under my naked skin I shuffled back on the rock as sir bid me do and lay down .
"How does it feel sunshine ?"
'Good sir warm , thank-you sir"
I replied
as he bound my arms and legs spread eagled .
My body awash with excitement nipples standing proud, my pussy throbbing with juice .
" she's ready" !!!! What , wait panic rising as rough hands grabbed me.
" don't worry kitten you always said it was your fantasy to be group fucked , well happy birthday"


Yay nice to see this here now and not hiding away. 

Love it.💗...my question now is will be getting more 😁 please say yes 🙏

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