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She Waits For Me Part 3

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Part 1

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After placing my phone on the table. I retrieve two wine glasses from a kitchen cupboard and set them down. She's already annoyed I used the slave without her. I suppose that I better clean up the slave as requested.

I walk into my bedroom. I'm greeted with the bare naked sight of the slave barely being able to stand. "Lady D is coming over" I say procuring the key and unlocking her restraints. She let's out a small sound of acknowledgement. Upon unlocking the mechanism binding her wrists, she slumps into my arms. A weak and frail creature. I pick her up and carry her to the bathroom. She sits on the toilet seat, naked and plain while I run the bath. When I look upon her visage, I realise how drawn I am to her pale childlike innocence and curiosity. She lifts her eyes meeting mine. I break away and beckon her to climb in the tub.

Her toe tentatively touches the surface of the water. She emits a small sound of protest before further submerging. Her body relaxes as the warmth of the water floods her *** soaked body. She let's out a soothing moan, then leans forward hugging her knees and says "so Lady D gets to play with me as well tonight?"
I pause in the middle of scrubbing her back. The soap from the sponge drips down her spine. Her eyes shift as she turns away from me. I softly pull her chin back around to face me.
"Lady D is your mistress, you belong to her as much as you do to myself" she acknowledges this with a nod and a quiet "yes master.." she tilts her head and asks "who is she?"

I pause at her question. "I'm sorry master I shouldn't have asked" she bites her lip knowing she has spoken out of turn. I look in her eyes as I caress her fragile body. My fingers clamp down on her small pink tender nipple. "Ow! no master I'm sorry" after a few moments I release my grip. While I continue to molest her nipples with one hand, using the other to play with her cunt under the water, she rubs her delicate face on my arm. Her quiet moaning of pleasure arouses me. Her voice is infectious. When my hands traverse over her superlative petite curves it never fails to make my dick throb with excitement. The slave looks at me with her signature inquisitive big blue eyes. Her innocent curiosity sought to have answers.

My little slave likes a story at bath time. Given the punctuality of Lady D, I'm guessing we have some time.

My curious slave looks at me expectantly, in response I begin to narrate;

"A long time ago in my late ***s I lost my brother and father. The circumstances of which weren't known to me as any family thought it best to keep quiet. My mother grieved for a long time. There was a void left in her heart that she wanted to fill.  Not long after she ran into a girl living on the streets and brought her home. The first day she arrived, I was hooked. She had a curious face with sharp features.  Blessed with youth but carried herself with a mature charisma.  She was around my age but perhaps a little older.  She wore nothing but black.  While staring at her fish-stocking covered legs, I spotted a tattoo on her left calf.  Though I couldn't make out what it was at the time.  I found myself trying to look down her top from the bedroom window as she approached the front door. Before I knew it, she darkened my bedroom doorway and politely introduced herself "Hello, my name is Desmerelda" for the first time in my life, I was lost for words. Along with her shoulder canvas bag covered with various patches, I liked the dark make-up that adorned her eyes. Before I had the chance to respond she skipped away to unpack her things. I crept through the corridor and peaked around the corner. My eyes were drawn to her ass as she bent over, the shape of her small curves caused my mind to soar. She looked around meeting my gaze head on. I backed away quickly.  'Has anyone said you're not very subtle?' She quipped as I retreated back down the corridor"

I pause to notice how the slave tries to indirectly prompt my hand towards her pussy. I grant her request before I resume;

"Between my room and hers was the shower room. I heard sound of her footsteps walk down the corridor into the shower room, followed by the gushing of hot water.  After five minutes or so, with as much stealth as I could manage, I pulled back the door surprised to find it unlocked.  'Did she leave it unlocked on purpose?' I thought as I cracked open the door an inch.  I could only make out the vague outline of her figure behind the shower curtain.  My curiosity about her body that night got the better of me and I decided to sneak into her room around 1 AM.  I convinced myself that I just wanted to see her tattoo.  The moonlight spilled in from the window illuminating the bed. I approached her as quietly as possible and gently pulled back the sheets. My eyes were filled with the exquisite sight of her naked flesh. My heart was racing as I extended my hand. Her skin was cool to the touch. My cock was throbbing with a burning intensity. The excitement ran through my veins as I felt the desire to explore her body. I remember running my hand over her tits and noticed her head shift on her pillow. I drew back my hand and held my breath. Once it seemed she had settled down, I traced my hand across her torso. My nervousness was utterly palpable. I felt the warmth emanating off her sex. Her skin was so soft and inviting I couldn't bring myself to stop. My instincts guided my hand deeper between her legs. I remember brushing over one particular area which caused Desmerelda to stir and moan in her sleep. Her legs parted ever so slightly after doing so. I remained deadly still for a moment. My fingers continued to explore her pussy. I noticed the wet sensation on the tips of my fingers. This excited me more than I thought was possible. I looked upon her face devouring the sight of her sweet expression. I wanted to make her moan again, so I tried to find the same spot as before. I felt her legs spread a little further, and her hips began to shift up and down. I didn't know if she was aware of what I was doing, but she made access to her cunt even easier.

I wanted to taste her so badly. After pulling back the sheets that covered her bottom half, I breathed in deeply. Her scent was intoxicating, sending my senses into overdrive. Next, her hand moved down her body, finally resting on top of mine. This caused my heart to pound hard inside my chest. With a soft affectionate touch she redirected my hand to a specific place on her hairless pussy. Almost immediately, she began moaning, louder than before. Her dainty foot slipped off the side of the bed.  Incidentally, my eyes were drawn to the image of a black spider descending from a web inked on her leg.  Her little toes made their way up my leg until they were probing the hardness of my cock. 

A small smile swept across her face in between her blissful moans. With my free hand I pulled down my bottoms letting my hard cock stick out in front of me. Her lips pursed together as she felt around my dick with her toes. Pressing her hand on top of mine was an indication of wanting me to intensify the fondling of her pussy. While doing so, she spread her toes apart. Fitting my cock between her big and middle toe, she began to rub back and forth. I had never felt anything like this. The end of my member started to leak a clear wet substance.  She in turn excreted more wetness between her legs. I didn't want her to stop.  I felt something hot begin to rise through my genitalia. The sound of her pussy wetness increased as I rubbed faster and faster. Her hips writhed dramatically, I felt a splash of wetness cover my hand. My senses were at breaking point as I felt my cock ejaculate. I found it difficult to stifle my grunts. The first shots of my cum hit her leg, subsequently coating her spider tattoo in white pearls.  Followed by the remaining amount dripping down the toes on her foot. She continued to hold my cock between her little piggies, before softly retreating and covering up her nakedness. In shock, not knowing what to do next, I barely remembered to pull up my underwear. Then she said in a voice I won't forget "goodnight".

My slave looks at me in wonder and astonishment, seemingly forgetting about my caressing of her cunt. "So what happened next master?" I reply "now that's a story for another time, come on, it's time to get out".

As she stands up, the water and suds flow down her now steaming red but delicious body. I pick up a towel and d*** it around her. She rests her head on my chest as I proceed to dry her off. I take her face in my hands and instruct her to go back to the bedroom. She knows exactly how Lady D wants her to prepare herself before she arrives.

Just before she exits the bathroom doorway I grab her attention "remember, dont mention anything I've said. This will be our little secret, understand?"

She giggles excitedly "Yes master, thank you"

I hang the towel up before turning on the shower. Upon closing the shower door I hear the buzzer sounding from the living room. She's here. The slave will keep her entertained for ten minutes or so. One thought enters my mind causing some concern however. I hope the slave can keep our secret. I won't be able to protect her if Lady D finds out.

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Mm thank you.  I'm glad you're enjoying it.  There's more to come!

1 hour ago, blondieblue said:

I love the detail, excellent writing.

Your pleasure is mine.  


Part 4 coming soon thanks everyone 

3 hours ago, Ulysses said:

Part 4 coming soon thanks everyone 

Yey thank you

This one I really like the story of Lady D was intriguing. It was as if I was there watching the scene play out. So hot🔥 I felt it.
9 minutes ago, ladydv said:

This one I really like the story of Lady D was intriguing. It was as if I was there watching the scene play out. So hot🔥 I felt it.

Thank you so much.  My idea to write it in the present tense is so you feel immersed in what happened.  It's loosely based on truth fyi.  I'm working on part 4 so I look forward to seeing what you think of it 😈

6 hours ago, Ulysses said:

Thank you so much.  My idea to write it in the present tense is so you feel immersed in what happened.  It's loosely based on truth fyi.  I'm working on part 4 so I look forward to seeing what you think of it 😈

Funny somehow I already knew it was some version of something that actually happened i dk I'm weird or maybe it was the way you wrote it. It felt real.
Can't wait to read #4 I'll be waiting to see that it's been published and ofcourse would love to share what I think😉


Part 4

Here's the link to part 4 for all those who are interested 

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