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Is there anyone who has tried breath play? If so, how... What was the method used? . Something I've been considering trying. So any tips on the subject would be appreciated. What's people's thoughts on it?

So. I personally love breath play.

But.  It's very important to know this is a high risk activity.  There's cases of people doing breath play which has resulted in death, or serious ***.  

There are likely to be people who come to this thread talking about it being a big no no - although - an activity like swimming or sky diving carries the same risks for the same reasons.

A tip would be to learn or research. Do it with someone who is experienced and/or go to workshops 


For me. I like different forms of breath play.  The last time I did it was being smothered with latex gloves (leather gloves are also really good for the same reasons).   

Facesitting is a form of breath play (Facesitting of course not to be confused with Queening)

and also recently I did some play which involved a plastic bag over the head - for that I was lay flat on the floor, as it meant if the worst happened I wouldn't fall and hit my head - it was also easier for the lady to see and keep an eye on me.


I have done Breatheplay since my ***s with plastic bags. It is fantastic, the sexual high you get. You just have to be careful and build up your skill and experience!
Overall, possibly good to view it as not worth the risk. A few seconds too many and... ☠⚰.

If you *must* - do it a few seconds. Literally 1,2,3. Yes it's fun but... the risk is real and while it can be fine 99/100 times, only needs to do wrong once. Also, different peoples' bodies react differently and there's no way of knowing how it will go until you try it on them. Then it's already too late.

Take care.
I’ve had breath play done to me and love every second of it. The feel of the fingers grasping my neck made me feel safe believe it or not. It’s the ultimate display of trust.
There are different types/methods of breath play. You have the choking, then there is the plastic bag, and then you also have the covering of the mouth nose. This can be done by hand or even your mouth. You restrain them and then simply stop them breathing by you and your mouth taking away the chance to breath fresh air. You can still breathe in and out your nose, but any air they get is recycled and so low on oxygen. They will eventually become drowsy, and at a moments notice you can refill their lungs with fresh air, just like you would with mouth to mouth. Depending upon stature, it is a bit hard to be fucking whilst doing this, but you can be finger fucking/using toys on them.

My D puts his hand over my mouth and nose sometimes. He can tell from the amount of suction when I'm desperately trying to inhale that it's time to let me breathe a little. 

I find choking to be problematic and in the past I have been ***d out (which was not part of the deal) and had a panic attack when I woke up. (I am no longer with that partner) 


What is the medical apect here?!? 🤔 Peeps get high from lack of oxygen from endorphins or something or from danger/*** highs or both?!?

Please... if you do want to try it out... have a look into it properly. Hand around the base of the throat so you can squeeze and also press on her Adams apple area.
Never squeeze above this area as the tissue is softer and can cause a collapsing of the airway.
Whenever I've done breath play it's been on myself... Usually with a bag, or the latest venture was I used cling film. Wrapped tightly round my head with a mouth whole poked through. Then another sheet that I'll use to cover the whole at point of climax... The best feeling for some reason. Bit also dangerous... Not up for being another statistic. But love it so much
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I feel like using hands is the "safest" way, as one can immediately take their hands off for release. Its really important to look at the subs wellbeing carefully and monitor them. Theyre in your hands and trust you. Be responsible with the privilege theyve given you.
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If breath play leads to passing out:
You are talking about cell death.
Brain cells.
And possibly your death.
You run the risk for heart attacks as well.
People don't mention that enough.

I've been doing this since I was a ***ager and I'm 45 now. Hands, chains, belt, rope... Who knows around my throat.
Pillows, hands over my face.
Ball gags and nose held. Tape.
Held under water.

"Take time to learn about the anatomy of the neck, head, and chest. This will help you better understand the limits of pressure and ***.

Incremental increases will help you avoid ***, too.

Learning the anatomy will also highlight the importance of proper hand placement, or where to place restraints like belts, scarves, or ties.

The arteries around the neck can take some pressure, but you won’t want to apply a great deal of *** at first."

"release of dopamine, serotonin, and endorphins that can cause head-spinning exhilaration."
- after the pressure is released.
This is one of the reasons I chase it.
I call it "flying"

"Creating a set of nonverbal cues can help create a sense of safety.

Depending on the scene, you or your partner might consider:

holding something in your hand, such as your keys, and dropping it when you’d like to stop
tapping three times on your partner’s hand or nearby surface
snapping your fingers"
- We play pretty hard.
But in the end if it's too much and going too far I start tapping him in rapid succession and he knows to stop.



Pressing on the outside of your throat cuts off air and *** to the brain from two main arteries. This makes breathing difficult and can lead to the feel-good symptoms of EA.
* As long as you avoid intense pressure on the trachea or Adam’s apple, you may be able to practice this type of breath play safely. *

Bag over head

Slipping a bag over your head can immediately cut off access to oxygen or greatly reduce it. With too little oxygen, you may grow dizzy or lightheaded and can result in long-term complications or death.

With a partner, this type of breath play may be safer, but alone, you run the risk of passing out before you can take the bag off your head.


When your body senses *** flow is low, *** pressure increases.

Releasing the strangle hold can cause an intense rush of ***, then euphoric sensations like disorientation and loss of focus.

But strangulation, which may be done with the hands or a belt, tie, scarf, or other instrument, can quickly become dangerous.

If pressure is too great or goes on for too long, it could cause cardiac arrest, even death.
* You can help prevent cardiac arrest and death by leaving at least two fingers’ width between the neck and the apparatus used. *
This ensures that it isn’t fitted too tightly around the neck, while still allowing you or your partner to make up the difference manually.


Having your partner sit on your face, or vice versa, is a popular type of breath play. Sometimes gas masks can accomplish the same end.

This airway obstruction scenario limits oxygen to your brain, which can cause lightheadedness and weakness.

Practiced alone, smothering may be dangerous because you may pass out before you can remove the obstruction.

Smothering may be safer with a partner, but you’ll need a safe word or signal to indicate when the pressure is too great.

Things that can happen because of the way we play?


Brain damage


Damaged larynx

Orbital subperiosteal hematoma

Heart Attack


My favorite form of breath play is to have my partner squeeze my neck between her thighs. Such a powerful and sexy hold. It’s wonderfully frightening and blissful at the same time. This can also be a *** *** if the pressure is on the arteries which is also great but can cause you to pass out so be mindful of that if engaging in this activity.

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