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The Reward Part 4

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…….I continued steaming until I couldn’t conjure anymore spit.
I stop and go down again, now kneeling on the floor beside her head i again kiss her cheeks and then rest her head on my shoulder petting her, running my fingers through her hair. Her training is coming along fine I think to myself, sure the odd mistakes have been made, but she’s a rookie, it’s just a learning curve. Whilst resting on my shoulders i decide to give her nipples some attention. Her tits are small, less than a hand full, but her nipples are huge in comparison. I start to tweak each nipple between thumb and for finger gently pinching . She sighs with delight and asks permission if she can kiss my neck, which i grant. Her nipples are solid and the size of a medium sized grape , slowly I pinch harder and she moans louder. I then proceed to pinch behind the nipple, pinching the nerve endings and pulling up as well as pinching. Her moans turn to yelps as a pinch harder and pull in unison. I feel her nerve cords grinding through my fingers as I’m pinching them so hard,at this stage she had stopped kissing and sucking my neck and started sobbing. In all fairness I showed no mercy working on those nipples and backed off a little. I took her head off my shoulder and held it on one hand while I pushed her hair out of her face and dried her tears with the other. She then apologized for sobbing and promised to do better next time. I’m sure you will I replied softly.
I was extremely hard and felt like some relief and having her head in this position I could just shuffle her head down a little more so it would hang just over the side, I gave her my tongue and we started deep kissing again for a few minutes. I then got up shuffled her down and straddled her head, holding my balls i hot her to start liking under them, then releasing them into her mouth, i then moved my hips as she licked the shaft of my cock up and down, up and down circling the head and tonguing the hole, licking out my pre Cum. I then stick my cock in her mouth , only partly where she’s toying around with the head, I’m in total fuck mode by now and hold both sides of her head covering her ears and holding her jaw bone, I start to pump pushing in deeper with each pump, hitting her gag reflex. Surprisingly she accepts a good length before it starts. I pull out allowing her to cough it up briefly, then pump back in as far as I can go leaving it in holding her head so she can’t pull off, gagging and choking her eyes well up, I pull out again. She coughs up more spit which is everywhere at this stage. I start to fuck her face fast and hard now all the way to the back of her throat, the feeling of my hard cock deep in her throat is a remarkable sensation, I continue this for at least 10 minutes her face is a sodden mess her hair covered in her saliva . I then feel it’s time to cum, I’m fighting the urge to push as deep as I can and explode in her throat but feel that’s an easy way out, I want her to take my cum, devour it on her tongue and taste every drop , I pull back and groan as I unload a generous helping of cum into her mouth. I forbid her to start swallowing and tell her to hold it . I then tell her to take her forefinger place it on the tube just behind my balls and rub it and draw every last drop forward into my cock along my shaft and into her cum filled mouth. Still pulsating from my huge orgasm I pull my cock from her mouth to see a huge delicious portion of my cum I tell her to run it back and forth over her tongue several times her mouth now filled nearly with cum and her saliva. She looks at me straight in my eyes , waiting for the command with not a word spoken but with sneaky grin I nod, giving her the go ahead. It takes her a cpl of gulps to swallow and she locked her lips and sucked her tongue dry before opening her empty mouth, again with her doe like eyes looking up at me for approval for what she had just endured………to be continues
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