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Kitty. part 1


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It’s been a long day at work. I just know kitty’s gonna be all over me when I get home. She’s been starved of affection all day and left alone with just a couple of toys. I have to chain her up while I’m out or she’ll get up to all kinds of mischief; especially when she’s in heat like she is now.

Unsurprisingly as soon as I get through the door she’s all over me. Pouring and clawing and mewing as if she’s been alone for years. I let her off the chain “all right all right calm down girl” I pet her and tussle her hair as I fetch myself a beer. As soon as I sit down she jumps up on my lap and starts rubbing herself against me, sniffing me and nuzzling at my crotch.

“you have to be a good girl tonight kitty… daddy has a pretty lady coming over”. The largest eyes I’ve ever seen stare at me pleadingly. She meows a ‘please’, I know what this means. “Ok baby, here you go” I open my trousers and she greedily takes me in her mouth. my cock swells as she licks and sucks softly. I sit back and sip my beer.

Muffled moans and drool escape her lips. I grab her collar and pull her back off me, taking a moment to look at her sweet face, reddened and panting, trails of saliva like cobwebs tethered to the tip my cock.

She moves to get on top of me. “Ah-ah-ah… no no… maybe later, daddy has a guest coming soon”. Kitty whines and tries to use her large eyes and batting eyelids to make me change my mind.

it almost works but then there’s a knock at the door. “OK kitty in your bed, be a good girl for daddy” I put a plate of food down for kitty and go and answer the door.

A few minutes go by and I return to the bedroom. “don’t worry about kitty” I tell my guest. “can I pet her?” She asks. “sure, she’s pretty friendly” kitty resists a bit at first, turning her head away, but she can’t deny herself, she loves attention. My guest tickles her gently behind her ears, kitty rolls over and shows her belly “aw she’s so cute”

“come here” I tell my guest; Setting her on my bed. She’s pretty and dressed sexily, kitty is staring at her.

to be continued
Kitty stares intently as I blindfold and then begin applying rope to my lady. She fidgets and makes occasional little mewing sounds. Lady is secured firmly to the bed and cannot move her arms. “Tight enough honey?”… “yes sir, thank you sir” I kiss lady and caress her neck and chest. I can hear kitty make tiny pitiful sounds.

Lady is thigh-tied and spread eagled, her crotch facing directly towards kitty. Kitty looks hungry. “Eat your food kitty” I say, but kitty pushes her bowl aside and turns her nose up at it.

I sigh, “alright Kitty”… “excuse me my dear, kitty wants a treat, I’ll be right back”. I leave the room to fetch kitty’s special biscuits…

I returned two minutes later to find kitty lapping at my lady’s cunt. I stand in the doorway and watch for a minute. “I just can’t leave you alone for a moment can I?!”… “come on, back in your bed”… Lady is gasping, her cunt moist and glistening, kitty turns to face me, her maw equally shiny, which she wipes with the back of her paw and then licks. She looks up at me doe-eyed. “don’t give me that pitiful look, back in your bed and you can have your special biscuits”. She perks up at this scoots over to me; looking up and begging for a treat. I hold one of the biscuits in my hand “One of these?” Kitty nods. “get in your bed like a good girl”.

Kitty does as she’s told and kneels in her bed, patiently waiting her treat. I stand above her holding her head and rubbing her scalp, she nuzzles against my groin again and manages to free my bulge, my cock springs free and lands on her face; which she instantly engulfs in her mouth. I take her hair firmly in my hand and push my whole length inside her mouth. I facefuck kitty for a minute, while Lady squirms on the bed.. “Eat your biscuit kitty, lady needs my attention… good girl”

Kitty sits with her biscuit in her paws and watches as I slide my cock into lady’s readily moistened hole and begin fucking her.

After several minutes of this kitty has finished her biscuit, and I can hear her getting restless. Behind me little squelching sounds as she plays with her favourite toy.

Kitty prowls closer, she moves in to get a good look at the action. I am slowly and gently fucking lady. Kitty nuzzles ladies legs and torso, sniffing her skin and rubbing herself against her. She gets her face as close as she possibly can to our groins and shoves her tongue against lady’s clit, lapping and drooling at the juices. Lady moans loudly and cums, bucking and tightening around me..

“You just can’t help yourself can you kitty?!”… “I see how it’s going to be”

I take kitty’s lead and tether her to the top of the bed, I make her straddle my lady’s face. Lady moans and pulls kitty’s groin down to meet her mouth; wrapping her hands tightly around her thighs. I push kitty’s head towards my cock; covered with lady’s juices and she sucks on it without hesitation.

Gripping lady’s tied thighs, I thrust into kitty’s mouth as lady sucks at her pussy.


The phone rings. “I have to take this, You two play nice!”

I leave the room to take my call, but stay within earshot, listening to every slurp and moan. It’s a boring work call, I deal with it as quickly and perfunctorily as possible.


Back in the bedroom I get out the camera and take some photos. Kitty and lady have their heads firmly planted in each other’s groins, their torsos pressed together, their arms entwined around each other’s legs.

I take a long section of rope and tie them together at the belly, stroking both their bodies as I do so.

I lean down to my lady’s ear.. “how are you doing sweetie?” Muffled agreement is all I can extract. I kneel above her head so I’m behind kitty as they continue to 69. I lay my hard cock at kitty’s now sodden pussy and slide inside her as lady continues to lick.

I’ve brought her tail with me, i’ve upgraded it with a larger butt plug. Hopefully it’ll stay in this time. After warming up her hole with my thumb and my fingers I slip the lubed tail inside her tight arse. This obviously has quite an effect as her reaction makes her bear down on lady, who in turn gasps and moans loudly again.

I grab kitties hips and fuck her hard above lady’s face. Kitty arches her back and releases ladies cunt from her embrace.

I slow down, sliding long teasing strokes in and out. Lady’s face is covered in kitty’s juice. “I think you need to do some cleaning up kitty”. I untie the rope securing them together. Kitty obeys and turns around. She licks the juices from lady’s face. Lady grabs kitty and kisses her deeply; the two hungrily embrace, tongues dancing, their hands in each other’s hair. They writhe and moan…

To be continued
The thought of Kitty licking herself clean after all this is making me crazy!! Awesome tale so far...
I go to the kitchen and get myself another beer. I sit by the bed and watch kitty and lady grind their bodies against each other.

I sip my beer and enjoy the show.

“come here kitty” I beckon her over and open my toy chest. Lady lies gasping on the bed. I turn kitty round so I can inspect her. She reaches out and fondles lady’s breasts as I push her arse cheeks apart. Holding her tail to one side, I run my fingers slowly down her lips. Her scent rising to meet my nose, Full and strong; intoxicatingly sweet.

I plunge my face deep into her crack and lap at her juices. I take a harness from the toy chest and affix it to her groin, attaching a large pink jelly dildo to it as I do so.

“now be a good girl and go and fuck lady gently”. I spank kitty hard on the bum, her cheek turns red instantly. “Go do as daddy says!”

Lube isn’t really necessary but I squirt a big glob onto lady’s clit, It slowly drips down over her lips as kitty nudges the helmet of Big Pink. I lean over lady and kiss her as kitty slides inside. I cradle ladies head and neck as I watch Kitty thrust.

Kitty drools. Saliva drips down onto lady’s groin, Kitty paws at lady’s clit. Lady moans loudly again and orgasms, loud squelches as juice splatters between their thighs.

Kitty looks pleased with herself and looks to me for confirmation. “Good girl… yes… you can lick her clean” … “but not yet”

”back into bed with your favourite toy… Give me a show while I fuck lady”. Kitty isn’t pleased about this but obeys my instruction as I fix her with a look.

I remove lady’s blindfold and untie her hands. I turn her around so she’s on her front facing kitty; bum in the air. I get behind lady and we both watch kitty bring herself to orgasm. Fucking lady deep and hard, my orgasm causes me to roar. I plunge deep within lady and release my seed; filling her with squirt after squirt.

I stay deep inside her. Kitty’s eyes are transfixed on lady’s face as they both pant with satisfaction.

“Now you can lick her clean kitty”

I untie lady and position her on her back again, Kitty caresses her rope marks and strokes her thighs. I take some film and photos; Such a beautiful sight!

I sit close and sip my beer as I watch my cum ooze out of lady onto kitty’s keen tongue. Lady moans weekly: “Please sir… I want to taste”. I kneel at lady’s head and let her suck the juices from my cock. “be a good girl kitty and let lady taste some of that cum”.

I pull at kitties collar and she moves with a mouthful towards lady’s face. With my semi still in lady’s mouth I grab kitty by the neck and press their lips together. I feel the dribbles escape kitty’s mouth and run down into lady’s. Lady muffled gratitude comes out as intelligible mumbling, but her enjoyment is clear. Her tongue swirls the goo around my cock before she swallows it all.

I lay kitty and lady next to one another, take a couple more photos, Then kitty and I sandwich lady between us and we snooze… perchance to dream… of next time…
The final share there at the end... Tasty!!

Roar! Year of the 🐯 Tiger!! But meow too, as i lick up milk dripping from lips and face. Was it me or Kitty caught by tail? Purrrrrrr!!!🐈

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