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Diy flogger


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We were just wondering, has anyone made their own flogger? If so what did you use? How? Any advice? 


Or alternatively does anyone have any recommendations for decent floggers which dont break the bank? Kinky on a budget here 😁


to be honest, unless you're fairly sure you can make one off the bat - you'd probably be cheaper buying one, because there's a lot of trial and error etc.

A lot depends wholly on what your budget is.  

Remember, of course, like a lot of things in life you get what you paid for.   I bought a couple of cheap floggers from aliexpress and by cheap I'm talking around £5-£8 including postage.  But, they started to fall apart quite quickly.

My preference is to be able to buy in person but options on this are often limited.  Ann Summers is worth a look, but also a look with a hint of caution - there's good deals when they've a sale. I picked up a couple of beautiful heavy floggers for around £15.

Looking at your location - I'm sure there's some form of regular kink trading event in Sheffield.   

One slight tip to generally avoid is sex shops - many of which are pretty expensive for what is on sale - and also avoid shops or traders whom are merely buying from LoveHoney or Ali  and reselling at a profit. 

Trial and error may cost you more than buying one. The material hitting the skins needs to well prepared. Go to a decent local stockist and feel the different products, and put it on your Christmas list 🙂🔥🔥x
On 25/06/2018 at 9:04 AM, Master29 said:

I made mine from leather and a piece of dowl. Total cost about £20 maybe less also a dragon tail for £10

Do you have any instructions? 


Try Wish - online and as an app on your phone.

Lots of different sexy stuff, quite cheap - the only

drawback is delivery can take a little while.


Wish file under AliExpress.

Cheap, but, no certainty on quality.


Honour.co.uk is super good and usually have sales on for beginners gear 

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