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sub drop/Dom drop


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This is wonderful Jed, bringing these issues to the fore for all to either revisit or explore for the first time is so important. 

BDSM in it's many forms requires those involved to know themselves as Polly so beautifully expressed. The journey of self discovery is key to enjoying this lifestyle I would say. 

I have had and continue to be on massive learning curve of openness, transparency, naming feelings which I have been so used to burying/ ignoring and hoping they will go away. Communication and trust  should thread throughout any interaction and dynamic.  It seems those that thrive here strive for this with the aim to consistently function at a deeper/ higher level.

The work that is invested by each person early on in the communication and dynamic lends itself to providing a buffer when the drop comes.  Learning about yourself and each other enables the trust for that dialogue to be had when the cloud hits. 

I would endorse the wonderful advice on aftercare that has been offered and any support friendships here can offer is invaluable. 

Moreover,  thanks again Jed for enabling this thread




Again when I read through all these stories testimonies and what really seem like spiritual not religious but true bonding( no pun intended) and caring people the Pandora's box opens more, thank you all I'm learning everyday and in everyway,I always listen to that girl/man because they too have a story to tell.x

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