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Findom/sub let's put it to bed.


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Findom/sub let's put it to bed.

Hello my name is Mistress Lilly I've been a full time Dominatrix for a few years now. I enjoy my work yes the money is great but it's also my favourite hobby, so it's perfect. I plan to post a weekly article on particular niches and my experience, hopefully making the world of BDSM more enjoyable, so please enjoy and leave a comment or like at the bottom.

So financial domination, this niche is extremely rare and after 50 shades of grey it has ruined the niche to near extinction. Here's why there are plenty of rich men out there married stuck in dead or vinilla relationship, who want to pay for a 20 something man or woman to give money to, but they always want or need something in return.

 So fast forward.... 2018, 50 shades has come and gone, now we are stuck with alot of imature young men and women who want money for nothing, and alot of rich or well off men left with a hole in there pocket with no trust in exploring this particular avinue of BDSM.

So to all the want to be Findoms out there, here's 3 major pointers.

1. ITS NOT ABOUT MONEY. Whether your finsub is rich or not. Whether it's £1 or £1000, just because your finsub maybe on a budget does not mean he can't participate in this niche, a finsub who has little but will give you what he can is worth more than a rich finsub who will give you his pocket change. If you can't get your head around this fact your not a true findom your a scam artist.

2. It's still a d/s relationship you need to find out everything about you finsub what makes them tick and tock, and how push them. That being said be very careful in pushing the limits in this niches as this can actually be a turn off.

3. Find out there actual fetish/kink in this niche. For example I personally have 3 finsubs, two rich one student now. My rich finsubs are usually married as said before they are stuck in a stale or vinilla relationship. Yet they want to feel like they are pleasing an unpleasant Dominatrix they want to be spoke down to. This is usually your man of power and responsibilities in work and at home, and want to feel powerless and worthless emotionally. My other finsub is a pathetic student I say that but he's a good egg. Now this finsub has a lack of confidence he is 21 quite big and girls don't really pay him much attention,  yes he doesn't have that much money, I know this and this is where alot findoms go wrong, for him he wants to see a beautiful woman use his money to buy underwear, and show him knowing he can't have me so even if it's only £10 he likes the interaction with the added dynamic of a very light talking down to. So learn about your finsubs everyone is different.

Now for all you finsubs out their 3 red flags.

1. If your findom cares more about your bank balance than getting to know you first.

2. If your findom can't offer you what you want in return remember nothing in life is for free and like any d/s relationship it's give and take.

3. If your findom cant verifiy him or herself. This is a big red flag!!! now I understand everyone is busy and has a life. simple way for me I get my finsubs to take a face picture with bit of paper with my name the date and a random 6 figure number of my choice and in return I do the same that's a minimum way of verification in my eyes.

Anyway I hope I've helped someone even one person is a win. Remember I will be posting weekly about different niches. Please like and comment at the bottom.

Mistress lilly. X

I for one would read these weekly articles, if only for an education into the real world of financial dommination. I cant say it is for me but there is something that drives me to understand the world of BDSM and Fetish more and more. You'll have us all gripped i am sure. Exelent tips for finding the fakes and i hope that we get to start to see the real side of this niche fetish
Thank you mistress lily for this very eye opening description of what findom is... I have been on this site since beginning of the year and the amount of D types advertising for finsubs is increasing to a point that it takes up my whole new page.... it is nice to actually get a first hand account of what findom is instead of the young ladies coming in to chat demanding money Thank you

Really enjoyed your words, explained it perfectly and with due care,as I new to this the findom part sort off puzzled me, 

But I suppose if it's done expertly why not pay,I especially liked the part about just anyone offering the service for money,for nothing in return,that to me belittles the subject,so thank you

Enjoyed reading. Respect.


Pics can be faked, i'd prefer to go on cam to verify someone or meet them in person.

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So there is an actual pycological basis for these behaviours and various Fetishes at play 🤔 it makes sense now!! The money symbolises the person who has the power/control/choice so it not just the 💰 it's what it symbolises!!! It seems to symbolise "social inequality" on one level or another which has been turned into a Fetish=very interesting!! 🤔

Beautiful explanation, thank you for your intelligent words.
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