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Not exactly sure. šŸ˜‚ It's just so fucking hot. Love the feeling of a woman taking control and making you feel overtaken and comfortable
It's not for me im a verry dominant male even been described as a brat tamer as well as a degrader . Buy I never kink shame . I just enjoy others kinks as well as my own from sweet to verry extreme

the idea of giving up control can be common for a few reasons

either because it's someone who has to have control for so many reasons wanting to give it up; or someone who has so many responsibilities and so on that they want to have the feeling of giving them up - even if just for a moment.

A lot of high-pressure lifes has pushed this a lot in recent years.

Strap-On specifically, I would imagine it is because it feels nice (male g-spot is up there) but also not something that is easy to do off the cuff

Despite what some people are saying, from my experience you don't have to be submissive to get pegged, so it's not necessarily about relinquishing control; from the times I've done it, being both dom and sub is a fun time. For me it just feels physically good, not much more I can say about that; though I can imagine it's not the same for all men (or people in general). Guess I'm lucky to have a sensitive anal g-spot?

It's possible that people like it cause it's a triple whammy of taboo- anal, anal on a man, and anal done by a woman- and I think a lot of people like the taboo aspect in their kink, even if only subconsciously. As to addictive, I guess to even do it once you'd have to do it with someone you're comfortable with; and if you're being pegged by someone you're comfortable with you're going to have a good time- and if you had a good time you're going to want to do it again. And just being open and comfortable enough with someone can be very therapeutic and liberating, especially for men who are usually seen as the gender that should always be in control and not be vulnerable- it can be nice to give it up every once in a while. To go back to the original point though, the same could be said for many other kinks, especially if you get into it for the first time after only experiencing vanilla (in the same way one could really get into sex after doing it for the first time).

Then again, for every man that wants to be pegged, there's probably 5-10 that don't. I'm sure there have been men who tried it and it wasn't for them.

But that's just my pov.
8 minutes ago, Standstall said:
Thanks - thatā€™s a great take on it all.
But I wonder if there are more men when would try it than we might guess ?!!

Probably! For some people it's probably just a case of 'don't know because they haven't tried it', but there's a lot of negative stigma perpetuated by both men and women around this kind of stuff, so outside of niche circles (such as here) it's difficult to find someone who would be willing even if they did want to. Still, yeah, probably every man had thought about it at least once in their lives.


Pegging is something that comes up a lot as something that men want to try - and - in these forums and others over the years a lot who've never understood why it's been so difficult to find someone to peg them

the reasons are usual

a) it is still ultimately sex - and so is asking strangers for intercourse

b) while there are toys designed for mutual pleasure, for the best part this is something that benefits the receiver a touch more than the giver (this is not to say there are not women who do not love pegging - they just have less desire to do it with every stranger who 'wants to try')

Like, funnily enough - the idea was put to me by a lady I was playing with at the time who happened to love pegging - it was simply something I had not previously thought about. Again, she wouldn't do it with just anyone, but we were playing together.

There are of course plenty of men who have no desire to try for whatever reason.Ā  It could be a little bit like myself that it had previously not been something they had thought of.Ā  Ā Or those who have negative prejudices about any form of anal play which could stem from any number of angles or reasons.

I've found a touch that there are a lot of older men who got introduced to the idea and now feel it's something they've missed out on their whole life

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