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Victorian Crossdressing

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So does anyone know of any Victorian Dressing groups in the uk where those interested in Victorian style clothing including Corsets and great flowing dresses can get fetish on?

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unfortunately not but I completely get your thing about corsets, love them!!
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I agree corsets are the best

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If you want to buy then try a costume supplier (as in theatre), or check out the loli fashions on ebay, there are some very stunning Victoria styled dresses for sale at reasonable prices although they all seem on the small size. Corsets are very much in demand too, and there are some amazing corsets available as custom made objects. Would not mind some of these myself but I am the wrong body shape


I don't really think there is - but a lot here depends on what you want to see what would suit your needs.

Are we talking about somewhere you can wear items you already own? If so, then many fetish events this would be acceptable wear - but - don't expect others to be the same.

There is Sissy Retreat where it might be closer - but - I know that sissy does not equal crossdresser and you may still be lumped with others you don't quite fit with.

If we're talking about buying clothing - then you may need to find specialist custom made items.  There are many who would do this, just search custom then the item you want.

If we're talking about a dressing service, where you turn up and someone dresses you in victorian crossdress - then a lot of these no longer exist due to not being financially viable.


34 minutes ago, dreadnaughty said:

Would not mind some of these myself but I am the wrong body shape

there's no such thing as 'wrong body shape' for custom wear.   It may be that some custom makers may not wish to make items for a CD (for whatever reason, including their skillset) but there are plenty exist who would

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